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  1. Hi chip33/Shadey/PinguJohn, Just until this bug is fixed, try changing the security permissions on utorrentie.exe. Go to the security tab and edit the permissions for SYSTEM. Change all the permissions from Allow to Deny. Leave the permissions for your own user accounts alone, you only need to change the SYSTEM user. This stopped the pop-up on bootup for me on uTorrent 3.5.5 build 45672. Once the bug is fixed, you can change the security permissions for SYSTEM back to Allow again to comply with the relevant legislation as per SergeyQA.
  2. Is anybody finding that when 3.1.3 (27022) starts in a standard user account, it prompts for elevation (and uses the settings in the admin %appdata% folder)? 3.1.3 (26837) in a standard user account just starts right away, no prompt - like it should (and uses the settings in the standard user %appdata% folder).