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  1. Lord Alderaan, you have a good 'nose' for these little problems as it seems... Yes, I seemed to have clogged the bandwidth of the remote machine. I found out that the up/down rates there are 1000/128 instead of 1000/256 (like on my connection). Therefore I set the upload rate too high and the update of the WebUI page got stuck somewhere in the send queue. Well, well, happens also to a pro. Thanks for the hint! Re: the new torrents loaded remotely With the un-clogged connection the new torrents get always added as 'stopped' at the end of the list. Which is fine. Never had it again that a new torrent pops up at the begin of the list as 'downloading'. The other problem persists: if you try to load a bunch of torrents without closing the add-window after every torrent you get sometimes weird results (old torrents from the Middle Ages... or some weeks ago). Loading one torrent at a time, waiting until the file path field empties, closing the add-window and starting all over again with the + button works always like a charm (at least until now). But with this information we have everything under control. Thanks for the thoughts, helped a lot and were very much appreciated! Martin (globetrotters1)
  2. High latency is one thing, but if I need to try to connect over 30 times until I get the list of torrents, then it's pretty annoying and time consuming Probably you know a setting where I can set the timeout delay to a longer value? WebUI or Firefox browser... And please explain what means 'Meh...'? Thanks
  3. After having tested WebUI for some time, here the test results: 1. The response of the remotely controlled computer is often painfully slow 2. 9 out of 10 requests to the remote uTorrent end up in "request time-outs" (and after the time-out the request won't be repeated automatically, so I have to try and try and try over and over again) 3. After 3 browser window refresh time-outs (or even 2) there are no refresh requests anymore, therefore reloading the page is the only way to have an actual view of the torrent situation on the remote system (which leads to another set of tries - see above) 4. The short time-out delay is a real problem (and some websites can obviously influence those values in the browser because they need a long time to load and do it without timing out) 5. Loading multiple new torrents (a set) remotely leads to torrent downloads of old torrents which have been downloaded some time ago (out of a cache or whatever), but loading just ONE torrent at a time seems to work fine 6. Remotely loaded torrents sometimes end up at the end of the list, sometimes they show up at the begin of the list 7. Remotely loaded torrents sometimes get started automatically, sometimes get loaded as 'stopped' (no consistent results) And as a short wish list for the developers: 1. Column order would be better in the same order as in the original uTorrent 2. Showing/hiding columns like in uTorrent would be great 3. Moving torrents up/down would be great 4. A button "reload data" (without reloading the whole page) would be convenient 5. A function 'update tracker' like in normal uTorrent would be convenient too Thanks! Please understand: this is NOT a complaint at all! This should help to make this great addition to a great program even better Martin PS: my problems may also be a result of a installation problem which I'm not aware of, who knows
  4. thanks for the tip, Lord Alderaan, I tried it and it didn't fix anything... I think the problem is the sending computer, not the receiving computer. I checked the receiving computer and there are really the wrong torrents set up for downloading. But don't ask me why the sending computer sometimes sends the right torrents and sometimes the wrong torrents. I try to send only one torrent at a time. Probably staying in the add torrent window on the sending computer and adding several after each other messes things up. Who knows... I report my findings, and sorry for all that, just wanna make sure that it works correctly for all of us
  5. I reproduced it again (only with different torrent names) and the behaviour is that: 1. I add a torrent 2. If the torrent is added on TOP then it's ok and it stays the name of the torrent I added 3. If the torrent is added as a line at the BOTTOM then it shows it correctly at first 4. After restarting the browser and logging on again the names of the torrents on bottom have changed - they are old torrents already downloaded and deleted from the system I have no idea how you could find this bug or how to debug all this
  6. Is there any way to make the time-out delay longer? Or is it a fix value? The downloading system is pretty busy, I suppose. Waiting for the response wouldn't do any harm *** And I found out a pretty disturbing thing (looks to me like a bug): When I add new torrents it shows them in the list (sometimes on top, sometimes on bottom). After some time I look at the list again and the torrents on the bottom are torrents I downloaded in full already a week or two before!!! Old torrents already deleted from the system. The new torrents are gone, but it's the same number of lines which are in use! Any explanation for this?
  7. Hi guys, thanks for this cool feature - appreciate it a lot Only question: Why do I get so many time-outs? "the request to uTorrent timed out" or such a message Can I do something to make it work more reliably? Thanks for any hints