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  1. Downloadin then stuck ....

    Thanks. I will contact Sky. Antiggy
  2. I will complain but I don't want to be a pain. It is not like I am paying for this. I have been torrenting for about 5 years and so many sites are gone. Very depressing. Thanks. Antiggy
  3. Downloadin then stuck ....

    Thanks for the reply. I use 2 sites which are Sky Torrents and EZTV. I tried Demonoid which my VPN did not hide. Should I contact Sky Torrents? I don't mean to be a bother but I have some torrents that have been there for 6 Months. I want to get the film with Christopher Plummer 'All The Money In the World' where he replaced Kevin Spacey. Very hard film to find. There is like one Peer. Can you suggest another site? Thanks! Antiggy.
  4. Downloadin then stuck ....

    I have Peers that don't do anything. Some of them are identified as FAKE. How can I get rid of these? I tried posting to another Forum without much success. Please let me know if I can somehow get rid of these Peers. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get rid of the Peers that stop the Torrent dead as it downloads? Thanks!
  6. The available amount varies but the point is they are not downloading anything. How can I avoid these dead Peers? Thanks so much!
  7. There are different flags and some are stated as FAKE. How can I get rid of the Peers that stop the Torrent dead in its tracks? I have waited as long as 2 Months to finally get a torrent for a very old film. Eventually, a new person wants it. I reseed for HOURS so the torrent is healthy. How do I avoid these bad Peers? Thanks.
  8. I often get a torrent that is working very well and then it stops dead in its tracks. There are Peers but they are not downloading and they just sit there for days. How can I avoid this? Sometimes it takes months to get a file. Thanks!
  9. µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)

    I downloaded an earlier iteration and it works just fine. Thanks all for the kind help!
  10. µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)

    Thanks! I got it!
  11. µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)

    Thanks Rafi. Indeed it is true and there is no support other than the FAQs which are not a help at all. I have stopped using uTorrent for the time being. I will wait for it to work!
  12. µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)

    Thank you, I am aware I cannot get older versions. However, I still cannot open the John Wayne , AFIComedies or Alfred Hitchcock torrents so I can select a film. I followed the directions from another user, however it did not work. Thanks!
  13. µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)

    How to get your users hacked in one easy step. That version list. Huh? I asked to get 3.1.3 fixed ..so it works properly Not how to hack something .. (including' date=' possibly, if that is what you are implying above, - hacking some version so it shows as some other version etc) That's the last thing i need, LOL.. i ll simply use 2.21 if have to ... NOT that experienced to play around spoofing or hacking something.. with my luck, probably, it will get me banned... At same tracker it says: (where they have list of whitelisted clients) : [b']Further Rules The modification of clients to bypass our client requirements (spoofing) is explicitly forbidden. People caught doing this will be instantly and permanently banned. This is your only warning. The use of clients or proxies which have been modified to report incorrect stats to the tracker (cheating) is not allowed, and will result in a permanent ban. Additionally, your information will be passed on to representatives of other trackers, where you are liable to be banned as well. The testing of unstable clients by developers is not allowed unless approved by a staff member. --------- I asked developers to get 3.1.3 fixed... and not for the lesson how to hack something etc .. LOL Please fix what i described on earlier pages of this thread. ------ I am a Lamer, really .. so please do not get me confused further Just PLEASE make it work (as it works in 3.01 and earlier) Thanks, I am clearly not a hacker. I still have not had time to try your suggestion. Thanks for asking to get the latest version to work!
  14. µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)

    http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=11601 In short' date=' we won't help with that.[/quote'] Okay!!! Thanks for the info!
  15. µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)

    I have not had a chance to, but when I do I will post the outcome! Thanks so much!