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  1. Dear All, I'm a heavy seeder on several private trackers. After lots of consideration I now plan to invest into a larger, industrial grade server, possibly one with external, optically attached extensible storage with capacity exceeding 2TB with SAS HDDs, and 2x Quadcore Xeon CPUs, and 16GB of RAM. I also plan to upgrade my current 1GB sync. connection to 2GB. Operating system would be CentOS, with custom TCP and IO tuning. I'm now looking for a suitable seedserver software, which could utilize the given resources, so I was very happy to see that uTorrent finally gotten to a point where there's a native Linux version. I send all my cheers and thanks to the development team on this great improvement. However, could someone adivse me if this new Linux version would be able to fully utilize the 2x4 CPU cores, the RAM, bandwidth and storage as described above? Thank you very much!