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  1. I just upgraded 1.84 to the most recently-listed 2beta, and I'm receiving far fewer connected peers than previously. Example: public DHT-enabled torrent with three html and three udp trackers (html one listed first), 160 peers. While seeding as a 100% seeder, I previously I had approximately thirty connected while behind a Comcast server firewall which prevents port-forwarding. Upon upgrading, only a couple connected. Upload speed to them was very slow, and eventually they disconnected and did not return. Only Bitcomet peers seemed able to connect.
  2. BUG: The old "freeze" bug that I've written about before is back (or never left since some earlier version of 1.8). I'm convinced it's the exact same thing as discussed in this older thread and fixed, at that time, by Choi. Essentially: When uTorrent is commanded to delete a torrent AND data, it will freeze up solid for a length of time determinant upon a number of variables, with processor speed, connection speed, and number of trackers in the torrent all playing a part. The freeze time will range from hardly noticeable to a few seconds up to several minutes. This will occur even if the torrent is stopped and has been for a long time, and even if it has never download or allocated anything on the destination drive (i.e., it's not an I/O problem, but something to do with having a seizure while waiting for trackers to disconnect...or least that's what I recall from the old discussion).
  3. When you scroll real fast, that owl avatar looks like a pig-snout.
  4. The second comment on that page is the best: -- "Once again Joe, you disappoint me with your paranoid incompetence....
  5. MattLee: "azureus is far the better torrent..." In terms of GUI user-friendliness and resource-consumption, Azureus is as hideous as the Medusa. Meanwhile, this is a thing of heavenly beauty, and consuming only 16megs of ram and 2% CPU on an 800mhz P3 laptop.
  6. This is one of the effin' greatest utilities ever: I luv-ta-death the quick updating. Now if only I'd see some of my suggestions included! Here's hoping for 1.8.... :cool:
  7. I'm seeing Japanese characters, not blocks. (?)
  8. I, for one, am more that a little tired of watching developers asked to devote a lot of time to kissing the toes of, er, meeting the increasingly arcane requirements of insular private sites whose collective membership constitutes a miniscule fraction of all file-sharers. Bittorrent is about sharing files, not policing them. These other people should stick to IRC and similar mechanisms for exchanging data among limited numbers of recipients; their speeds will be higher and their security tighter. That is exactly what they'll do -- and they'll be first in line to grab a fresh piece as new-connectees, just as if they were disconnect/reconnect-abusing BitComets raping an initial-seed.
  9. There was never an actual bug, just a new feature that freaked out some paranoid people. The feature is now off for private torrents.
  10. "Updated crack" = "updated virus" virtually 100% of the time.
  11. What's the latest 1.7.3 beta-build (if any) up to? I'd like to play around with it.
  12. Now is the hour for all men of sound and virtuous character to foreswear ever again creating a torrent without DHT enabled, or patronizing the "middlemen" of narcissistic, misanthropic hosting sites. (Bittorrent is a technology to foster file-sharing; which is why it's just mind-boggling how some contort themselves to not share their torrents.)
  13. I wish the installers didn't delete themselves....
  14. Silly, stoopid private sites and their silly, stoopid passkeys. You might as well just hold a gun to your torrent and just shoot it, because it's going to die about that fast anyway if you post it to one of those places.
  15. Gah! (I thought maybe there was some "hidden" fatter list of changes involving the last couple RCs. Oh well....)