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  1. Have noticed that when Utorrent tells me there is a new update I click yes to update and then Utorrent closes. The computer almost hangs. This is after running the program all day ie. 6+hrs of seeding. Then I wait a few minutes and seems to get better. Then reopened Utorrent and it askes me if I want to do the update again. I say yes and then it closes and reopens and then my firewall says do I want to allow the .tmp for utorrent to run. It would be nice for the updated utorrent to run soas I dont have to always reclose utorrent and run it from my desktop?! Im running an athlon xp overclocked, equiv of 3400+ @ 1.5Gb of ram so my pc is no slouch.... btw the uploads r not trying to take over my connection now and staying at around the 80k limit I set. Qu. Whats the story with upload to download ratios? I never seem to get more than 3:1 not complaining just wondering. I thought they were 6:1 Good work with this program.
  2. hi, Using the latest beta I noticed when seeding the uploads were going to the max of my connection. This didnt change even if I changed the uploads to a even lover number say 80k. In beta 2465 my uploads are going over the limit by a few k. Also noticed with the special installer you have my firewall picks up the temp ver of the utorrent program you are running. I have to close this ver and the reopen again from the desktop so I dont have as many rules to allow again. Im using comodo.