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  1. Yep!, I agree, just because I was the person that designed eMule pet, logo and icons In that case I used a representation of its head only, this gives you the possibility to include more detail and improve the icon appearance, anyway those small icons always need to be made by pixeling it from the start, I designed the baby mule in vector format but the icon verions was made in a pure old fashion pixel work. I think that each program needs a different solution, obviously when I designed the eMule pet it was easy... the program calls itself eMule so there is no doubt. uTorrent needs some more complex designing, in fact, in this case not to much animals match with uTorrent concept, and abstract objects can be controversially too. My blood cells idea comes motivated firstly due the main concepts of uTorrent and P2P programs, and try to comply with all of them, uTorrent is small, there are millions of users, and it fast spread amounts of data through the net. But this is only my idea and my personal taste too. Regarding the current candidates, there are some good ideas... I like the tribal guy but maybe it not comply with all the uTorrent concepts, so there is no a direct association between it and the program. It's a good solution if you don't mind about match concepts. In another hand I agree with Ludde it needs a bigger version with more detail, the current one fits better for an icon but will look small and muffled on a web header or about screen. Hummingbird, it's a good idea and it comply with some of the uTorrent concepts, small, smart, fast,... but lacks one of them, a humminbird doesn't work together with the group, it's a lonely element, and in the P2P world one of the more important facts is the community. Ninja and Alien, these are on the same line that the tribal guy but I prefer these ones, look better and they fit better in an about screen, web, etc, the small icon version could be the problem but it's a question of work on it a bit more. I want to profit by the occasion and congratulate Ludde and Co for this great torrent client. Thanks dude Best regards. EDIT: Oh! Excuse my poor english!
  2. Ok, here I am with my two cents, it's still on an early stage but you can see the main concept that is the more important part for me by now. Blood cells, comply with the following... They are small (µ concept)... and there are millions (like P2P population)... they flow fast through veins (like a torrent) spreading oxygen (like bytes in torrent protocol to the users). The logo provide a fast association and deep red colour captivate the attention, finally the blood cell symbol can't be confused with any kind of virus or bacterium symbols, all people know how a blood cell is. That's all by now, hope you like it. Best regards.
  3. I've an idea that match with the µ and torrent concepts, I will try to post something this afternoon, what about the deadline?
  4. What's the meaning of greek letter µ in the program name? This is a very important thing before design an appropriate logo.