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  1. There is an issue with the taskbar icon in win7. On start of the application it uses the old icon, if I then pin it to the taskbar it still uses the old icon. If I then unpin it from the taskbar it changes to the new icon. But then if I pin it to the taskbar again OR restart the application it changes back to the old icon. Is there something I should be doing to clear out the icon cache or something? Or should utorrent be able to resolve this itself?
  2. I did indeed hehe. I stand by my original comment and therefore agree with Ultima, the change is redundant and should be removed.
  3. @DWK: I do believe moryoav was referring to the change introduced in build 18518. Change: Set Download Location no longer require manual stopping and restarting of torrents Considering the wording, I think moryoav is perfectly entitled to assume uT will move the files for you. Anyway, in my book, with some of the users you have to deal with, the tone of your responses is understandable, so long as you are right that is...
  4. I also have this bug on w7 32-bit. I also have a problem with the size of the upload section in the status bar, you will need to widen it to fit a string like this. U: [####K] ###.# kB/s L: ###.# kB/s O: ###.# kB/s T: ###.# kB For the people who are saying it crashes on startup, how are you determining that it has crashed. When I first upgraded to the alpha, I could not get the GUI to display whatsoever (which to some people may seem like a crash). I have the application pinned to my taskbar, so I could see that it was open, but the GUI would not come to the screen, and the thumbnail preview showed a garbled GUI. I had to open task manager, right click on the application and select Maximize, and then the GUI would display. But everytime I minimised it, it would refuse to display again unless I went the task manager route. It wasn't until I added my first torrent while running the new version that the GUI finally sorted itself out. I'm not so sure about this change, for me personally you have to make sure the window doesn't disappear off the edge of the screen when switching between interfaces (i managed to completely lose the title bar of the window when switching back to the full interface!), which then makes this change largely redundant. Also when the full interface is maximised, if you switch to the minified interface you can't resize it's window until you have dragged it around first. And then when switching back to the minified interface it doesn't remember that you had the interface maximised.
  5. ShAQ: must admit I was wondering where all the uT 2.0 peers were hiding! I've been part of 4 different swarms today and I haven't seen a single uT 2.0 or BT 6.4 peer!
  6. bt.prioritize_partial_pieces!! I like the sound of that. Sounds like something I've been wanting for a long time, and hopefully something that will make downloading of multi-file torrents in combination with the file priority feature a lot easier.
  7. XP SP3 machine, running 1.8.5 fine since release, decided to upgrade to RC2. Not doing anything fancy, just 3 torrents currently downloading, but RAM usage was climbing fast, watched it in task manager get to around a gig used, then poof, utorrent closed and the process disappeared without so much as a warning. FWIW... before it closed i managed to get a look at the disk statistics on the speed tab and it was using less than 10MB. @ultima: lovely rant btw see not much has changed here... I don't suppose adding a "skinning" section to preferences has been suggested much? Not requesting the feature btw, the way the program looks doesn't bother me
  8. I think what DreadWingKnight was trying to say is that if you need to ask then you dont need to mess...
  9. The answer to your question rafi is... yes.
  10. Create New Torrent dialog, the Web Seeds label is still not left aligned properly.
  11. Whatever change you made to the Create New Torrent layout didn't fix the alignment issue for the Web Seeds label, still not left aligned with the Trackers, Comments, Piece Size labels.
  12. Hmm, I think my point may have been missed. What my max download and upload rate is, makes no difference. What my upload is limited to really doesnt make a difference as long as i have limited it to something well below my maximum so as to rule out my upload choking my download (which is why i mentioned that even though the upload rate being reported was higher than the limit i set, it was still no where near my maximum upload, so it choking my download was not the problem). These things never change, everything about my line and settings is fine and the download I had running was capable of maxing out my download. The only thing that changed was turning on and off net.calc_overhead. And as you will see below, I base my findings on what utorrent states in the uploaded and downloaded column. When its on, my reported upload shoots up (Even though very little data is being transferred to other peers) and doesnt obey the limit i set, and my download rate goes down, never getting above half of my max speed. When its off, my reported upload comes down (but im sending more data to other peers than i was when running with net.calc_overhead on) and obeys the limit i set, and my download rate maxes out. This happens very quickly. And as soon as i switch net.calc_overhead back on again, my performance suffers quickly again. Now what is it that net.calc_overhead is doing to affect the performance so drastically?
  13. Somebody needs to take a serious look at net.calc_overhead because having it set to true absolutely destroys the performance of the program. These variables never change: bt.trans_disposition = 13 upload globally limited to 15K 1 torrent running (70 connections) from private tracker that will have no trouble maxing out my download, no utp connections have been established however during any of the following. With net.calc_overhead on: upload rate is relatively stable but well above the limit set. It is however no where near the max upload rate my line can handle. However my download speed never gets above 500k, which is less than half what my line is capable of. With net.calc_overhead off: upload rate is stable and following the limit set. and my download speed pretty much instantly reaches max, and stays there quite stable. I can switch net.calc_overhead on and off and the change to the performance is extremely quick and v.repeatable. So in summary, net.calc_overhead set to true is somehow choking my download.
  14. @Directrix: o/ thort it might... @Ultima: well hopefully a long beta phase will mean time for plenty of new features, unlike short beta phases which may leave them with no time at all to put in any new webui stuff.
  15. That must be some good ETA calculation code, unless it just picks a random high number under those circumstances!
  16. Good point Ultima Most of the time i'm trying to find bug's in previous developers code.
  17. - Feature: report successful upgrade, with statistics ^^ Anyone able to expand on what this feature is btw?
  18. Directrix: I can only imagine the delight at squashing a bug like that. Had a few of those in my time, always a satisfying feeling.
  19. Very minor issue, but a bug nonetheless. Seeding settings are set to <=100% and seeding time set to <= 0. uT just stopped seeding a torrent at a ratio of 0.999. In this case this meant uploading 349MB instead of 350MB. Bugger all difference i know, but still an error. Is it possible you're just doing a < comparison instead of <= like it states in prefs? Never noticed it do this before, possibly result of changes related to seeding time in prefs?
  20. Granted Ultima spelt troubleshooting wrong but not badly enough for you to ignore a moderators request to take your problem to a new thread.
  21. iLOL, as he said, "code audit"
  22. Some users are morons. alterdstate: The merger happened almost 12 months ago! What could you possibly still be waiting for that will make you sure of what the merger will mean for utorrent?
  23. What utorrent should do is if no trackers exist, then it should clear its peer list and only accept connections from DHT peers (not understanding all the handshake messages, etc, i'm not sure if this is possible, if it isnt then stop reading ). This way private torrents wudnt be ghost leeched because DHT wud be disabled. Again if only one of the trackers is removed from lets say a list of 3 trackers. Then utorrent shud stop the torrent, clear its peer list, restart the torrent and grab a fresh peer set from the remaining two trackers.
  24. If you dont like DNA then you probably dont understand it.
  25. - Change: Move UPnP logging to "error" and "verbose", depending It pays to read the changelog winguy.