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  1. Please disable that nvappfilter stuff , they fixed it thanks
  2. Sometimes job with errors can be solved by force recheck, how about auto force recheck when jobs encounter errors?
  3. about the chiniese translation There's no such problem in 1.6.1 , so unless you add some new feature , there's a problem . Thanks
  4. Thanks for the update =] Some weird problem pops out , like this And the nvappfilter still pops out , they fixed it =]
  5. I just bought a gigabyte M55S-S3 motherboard and installed the driver it came with My ram space is normal (NOTE:I got 3GB RAM, Dont know if it matters) =============================== Software Version Description: ActiveArmor Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\nvtcp.sys Component Version: 55.21 Description: Networking driver Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers Component Version: 55.21 Description: Network Access Manager Path: G:\PROGRA~1\NVIDIA~1\NETWOR~1\ Component Version: 55.23
  6. What a BEST BT Client! =] Thank you guys/girls just one thing , the nvappfilter isnt a issue anymore, they fixed it So please disable it or at least let us disable it after showing for the first time thanks
  7. Would you please disable the nv firewall stuff , it's too annoying , I dont need a reminder every single time I boot my computer =[ (That thing seems just come with the driver & they seem solved the problem anyway , seems fine here)