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    µTorrent MiniUI

    I've just installed and tested it with iPhone 2.2 Safari. I miss sorting by the date when torrents were added.
  2. A "Added" column (date) would be nice. In MiniUI too (for sorting).
  3. Do you know in which Wine version it should be fixed? I updated from 0.9.38-3 to 0.9.40-1 (Fedora 7) now. ATM it seems to work.
  4. I use uTorrent with Wine. Everytime I close uTorrent and restart it the Port is "0". Is this a wine related problem or a bug?
  5. I used Win2k imitation but I changed now to WinXP and everything works great again. Thanks
  6. I have a display problem in build 2740 with wine and Xvnc. Build 2585 is OK: Build 2740 is not OK: