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  1. where do i put profile in if i need to?

    1. fareout


      im a male of 67 years trying to use my utorrent. I need some support on speed problems. im running a home network with windows 7. can you help me?

  2. edit my profile

    1. fareout


      I want to update my profile.

  3. I have and using that version of utorrent walter
  4. i lost my orinal version and the new version will not work. any advise?
  5. i cannot get the new version or nothing at all. i cannot get anything now it does not work. i lost my original version. can i get some support.
  6. where is the new version to do for windows 7 64 bit.
  7. where is the new utorrent file. it was downloaded in the wrong download site on my pc and will not work from there. its got to go to sue/downloads and not the other spot which is fake from smartware western digital created some how which i have been i have no program at all now. my original file i was using last night is gone. everything is gone . where do i get the new version you asked me to do when i turned my pc on?
  8. what is the new version i was asked to download for windows 7 that came out today i guess?
  9. i have the new version 3 of the program.
  10. fareout here. i just downloaded and saved the new windows 64 bit version. the version i have now keeps storing up repeats on used torrents. if i delete them they return. i have 380 now and its affecting the space on my C drive. is this correct or is it a flaw in the software?