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  1. no one should be using any version after 2.2.1 anyhow it was the last greatest version, no bugs, tiny, no toolbar, and is super fast. old apps or older versions there's 2 major websites that offer previous versions of all popular software from web browsers to torrent clients. of course what I find funny is p2p programs making a "paid" version without ads, like Limeware did and Frostwire and others know what people did you could download the "plus" version off their own p2p client Hilarious though trying to make money off piracy which is the largest use of p2p, I've pirated since 1996 originally on newsgroups and still have a giganews account I use. When Limeware was new they were also ad-free open source but "jumped the shark" and turned to ads, malware laden toolbars and trying to hide the opt-out in their install screens. People just used older versions of limeware to download the cracked plus version. no one wants ads, we are bombarded with ads on television (reason I cut cable in late 90s and have pirated all television since 90's originally using Hauppage pci TV cards to stream from pc to television, now I use Western Digital WDTV plus playing favorite tv shows on a shared folder on the LAN auto downloaded via RSS downloader.) in which utorrent 2.2.1 was the best and still is the best. If 2.2.1 ever gives trouble there is always QTorrent which is modeled after utorrent 2.2.1 looks exactly the same and is fully open source with no toolbars, no ads or whatnot. I do appreciate utorrent and it was the best for windows up to 2.2.1 I find it funny how they censor links to previous version of utorrent, which I guess they have a new team or whatever this Gyre crap is that was mentioned on torrentfreak, some new partner or owner who knows. if any devs from 2.2.1 period and prior are around then thank you for a great client, but majority I would guess in my opinion won't go past 2.2.1, your own forums have had tons of posts deleted after 3.0 released there were tons of outrage and begging to bring the 2.2.1 gui back and there was no way even with skins to bring it back instead of listen to the user base the forum mods started deleting any thread that begged for return to 2.2.1 style/gui/features. anyhow yea it's whining, but only cause we were fanbois of the original idea behind utorrent, being smallest, fastest, adfree/toolbar free client out there... and versions up to 2.2.1 was the last of the great clients, and can be downloaded on any older app website.
  2. 2.2.1 is last version if anyone wants to use utorrent it can be downloaded by googling old apps or old software version get the last 2.2.1 version. anything after is a joke, bloat, laden with toolbars and crap and now links to ads that give anything from malware to dns changing ads. Wikipedia has a comparison: look at the open source clients, there are clients like qtorrent that look like old utorrent and is small, no ads, no toolbars and truly open source. There are other better clients also... but if you do stick with utorrent do NOT go past version 2.2.1 utorrent is over, only the old versions are of any worth prior to 3 when they sold their soul and turned their backs on open source and community requests. just go look at the other sections tons of posts begging for a return to the 2.2.1 interface, the majority of users hated 3.0 interface after 3.0 this forum has been nothing but complaints but the admins, devs, do nothing they ignore all and delete posts. they even censor links to older version websites which proves they have seperated, the new coders arent the same as the old coders by proof they wont even support their entire client line. There was no problems in 2.2.1, they moved to bloatware when Gyre came along.
  3. Linked to by torrentfreak: This is also why the majority of utorrent users never upgraded past 2.2.1 thanks to sites that offer older software downloads (google) 2.2.1 was the greatest version, tiny, fast, no bloat, no malware browser toolbars and was the last of the great open source feel of the client. now it's bought out, sold out, jumped the shark and is even serving malware laden ads, already reports on slashdot of ads clicked installing dns redirects in browsers. Thanks for utorrent 2.2.1 but this new hot mess will only be the downfall I fear. if utorrent 2.2.1 ever stops working will just move over to one of the smaller than utorrent open source clients listed here on wikipedia -