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  1. I made the utserver.conf file. Still doesn't work :\ shows me that webui not installed message. Is anyone willing to help me with TeamViewer program?
  2. What would be the file name/extension of the config file? Can you give me default values of what should be in it?
  3. Hi, guys. I am having problem running this on my CentOS 5.5 32Bit server (it has cPanel/WHM installed). Version : µTorrent Server alpha (3.0 build 23418) So I uploaded it to one of the hosting account which is like /home/user1/public_html/uts then I did a bash command in the VPS root account /home/user1/public_html/uts/utserver and I get this error after the above bash the I try to go to http://user1.mydomain.com:8080/gui/ and I got the following error There are only two files and a folder in the bz2 file I extracted, utserver, webui.zip and docs folder. What am I missing? Is there anything I need to install first for it to work on CentOS servers? I'm trying this on a VPS. Can I run another webui if this work with same port? For ie. http://user2.mydomain.com:8080/gui/ or I have to use another port this time. If yes, how?