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  1. I have the remote connectivity issue too
  2. this is fantantic this is moar revolution since napster
  3. "[2013-07-26 17:58:29] Error contacting WebUI proxy service: connection closed by peer " utorrent remote doesnt work
  4. I think that after ~ seven years of running uTorrent I am a little way past needing to ask about the basics of pre-allocation. So no reason to keep this going
  5. Because this is the thread that you are using' date=' and of course you do realise that 3.4 is an [b']alpha build so is going to have many and varied problems!!!!! The thread that i am using exist to report issues not for u to learn the basics of allocation and how to use utorrent. If u have a question unrelated u can send a private msg instead of creating long discussion that eventually derail the point Also i dont think there is a reason when u dont know something to answer the obvius about the alpha status wich is something everyone who bothered to look for this thread already knows
  6. Why would you want to stop a process that is checking data integrity? becauze the torrent is huge and u want to check an other first so u can start using the connection earlier becauze u realize u need to change data location first due to disk size becauze u realize u need to change data location first due to disk integrity bad sector issues becauze data have been changed in the meantime and u wanna start the procedure again becauze u can also why u asking a question that has no relation to the thread or the problem discribed here?
  7. That's because hashsum checking is ESSENTIAL to prevent data corruption therefore has THE highest priority. no in every other version of utorrent u can stop the process and the program automatically checks the next torrent and u can easily delete the data or move them or safely dismount it with chkdsk in this one u cant only pause pause still has the files locked wich means u have to terminate the process in order to delete them also when u have them on pause and u delete or change location in something else the program for some reason automatically resumes the paused one and in the next round it will continue the checking wich means disaster especially if its a large one
  8. also an other possible bug [2013-07-24 00:36:53] IO Error:1168 line:66 align:-99 pos:-99 count:16422764 actual:0 [2013-07-24 00:36:54] IO Error:13 line:203 align:-99 pos:160590446592 count:32768 actual:-99 terribly slows down disc and lags the program for half minute every 10 secs has to do with big files torrent but i am not sure and as sure as hell dont wanna reproduce it since i lost 3 days of downloading to finally get rid of it
  9. Turn off pre-allocate so uTorrent doesn't actually create the files BEFORE they start to download why should i have pre-allocate files ? sparce files is the way to go this has nothing to do with allocation the issue is that the program locks the torrent until u check the rest of them stop command is not working only pause and that brings and other bug when u remove a checking torrent or change location of it the paused torrent resumes automatically without notice slowing the system terribly once again
  10. cannot change name in torrent list only put a new one when clicking them in list very annoying bug after crashes when u need to check 500gb of data : cannot stop checking procedure only pause it therefore u cant change dowload location and restart checking precedure (wich will take 0 secs since there is no data)
  11. very annoying bug some times even with low speeds (30-50kb) lan speed is terrible spiky and going from 1-3mb/sec and some times less instead of the nomal 10mb/sec
  12. will u stop bothering the thread with a useless discussion that nobody cares? do u honestly think that i am doing this for 7 years and more than 5000 torrents for no reason
  13. the exact opposite i want an option that allows me to set double click to force start so i dont need to micro manage but set every torrent easy
  14. uTorrent will ONLY stop them if that is what your settings tell it to do.yes i understand that is the idea but depending on bandwith and in certain occasion when i have too many of them then i have to raise limit of dloading torrents way too high as i said force start is a matter of security and has nothing to do with this thread whether its right for some1 to use it instead of managing the normal start the point of this discussion is that the program gets the option for users that prefer the use force start frequently to get double click to force start instead of start setting not to convince me about my 7 year old settings
  15. new bug every torrent when completed sends this "[2013-07-18 09:43:06] Could not move data to completed download folder. Error: [0x20]" data are moved tho and they seem ok