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  1. Why' date=' is this a improvement? what is the reason?[/quote'] I think it's a bug.
  2. It hasn't been dropped, the WebUI is in a closed beta and since this is a Release Candidate, the WebUI-related options have been removed.
  3. µTorrent really needs a good WebUI for those who think VNC and other remote desktop solutions are overkill (including me). I'm also looking forward to remote control µTorrent from firewalled networks like my school, so count me in.
  4. I was just stating that I knew about it, but enough off-topic now.
  5. Find it! Click the uTorrent symbol in the about box. That one is old.
  6. Will 1.5 be the next stable version, or will there be one more in-between?
  7. It just keeps getting better. Thanks ludde
  8. Great work ludde. I appreciate the effort you put into this project.