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  1. thanks Mike im gonna test it.. in the last version i coulnt create one torrent same error on latest beta version 3.5.5_45636 had to move to qbittorrent to create the torrent successfully at first try ... :/
  2. Could The Devs think about new code for obfuscation/encryption mode? Utorrent is not able to bypass traffic shapping anymore in my ISP :/ im so sad ... cant seed my torrents and downloads is always 500KBs I have 100Mbs down and 23 Mbs UP Im using Deluge.... and normaly works better with encryption better speed Thanks
  3. thanks that solved my problem didnt know that what happened?
  4. what new version ?? the program says that its not available new version the pc specs are here courtesy of everest lol
  5. yes im sure schnurlos i have two computers with the same version in one works and in other dont... i have deleted all the configurations in the application data and still doesnt work
  6. the last build dont show any peers on the peers tab when a torrent is active and seding or receiving data.... never appear anything basicaly in the peers tab cheers
  7. why im i speeding allmost my upload in 100% complete peers lol?
  8. where are the crash dumps please ?
  9. all versions of utorrent 2.0 are putting my internet connection very slow even if i cant upload for example i have 100 KBs of upload and im uploading only at 20KBs and the internet is very very slow after i close utorrent connection to internet is normal this doesnt appear to occur in the utorrent 1.8.4 witch i dont use because, utorrent 2.0 bypasses protocol priorities in download
  10. for now solved the problem with the tracker so fast thanks
  11. thank you very mutch this new version passes the TS that my isp does for now weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but now i having a few issues that is error from tracker http 404... thank you once again cheers david
  12. its seems that at least in the latest Utorrent 1.9 the scheduler doesn't work
  13. protocol encrytion should be enabled on utorrent by default plz