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  1. I notice one thing about utorrent 1.7.5 the client hangs ocassionally when I select "remove task + torrent" on a torrent with large files. the client will stop real time updating the speeds and status. I'd have to manually restart the client to solve it right now. Something to do with the client or me?
  2. but all my peers are on wan not lan how come i need to limit local peers to cap my upload limit properly when i don't actually have any lan peers?
  3. @ultima: thanks! i was wondering what does bt_limit_local_peers do if we set it to false/true ?
  4. I'm still not able to limit my upload rates for RC2 but it works in build 2951 I'm under windows vista ultimate 32bit clean installation, fresh settings of utorrent. Is this gonna be resolve any sooner?