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  1. Maybe someone before me wrote it but I found very big problem in 22007 version. I can't change download location of already downloaded torrent. The function "Advanced -> Set Download Location.." doesn't change the location at all. Is there any other possibility to change manually download location which can be use, till you repair it? I do not wanna delete torrent and load it again to the uTorrent and recheck the data. //Edit: Oh, I found where was the problem. In earlier uTorrent versions when I want to set download location of already downloaded files I must select its folder, but now I must select parental folder of it. For example I have "C:\Download\my_data", the torrent file contains folder "my_data" with some files in it. Earlier I must to select folder "my_data", now I must select folder "Download". And second problem is, when I want to re-set the location uTorrent checks if there is enough disk space. If there is not, torrent can't be relocate and start.
  2. Another bug found. Number of Active torrents in category list doesn't match to how many torrents are active. To refresh the number I tried to press F5 it Shows/Hides Detailed Info but in fact it also update the number of active torrents.
  3. Thanks the live is so much better now I also change gui.category_list_spaces to false and its looks much much better then before as default. But still there is a lot of work to make it as good and well-arranged as the old category menu was.
  4. To #56: in my case both options doesn't show the dialog when I add new torrent. For me the new style of the category list is worst looking idea ever. 1. there aren't any colour differences between column 2. the number of torrents in category is senselessly lost 3. Option to Find Content should by dispensable or you should remove it totally or make it searching in torrents in uTorrent or something like this. 4. uApp - ok you want to be multi...whatever, but from my view only one application from current list is a little bit interesting but not necessary (uMap) You should focus on better implementation of Magnet links functionality like as the Choosing the download directory etc. (more on or