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  1. Have just installed Latest build - 27138 after being on holiday for 5 weeks and now my torrents only queue, they won't download unless i force start. It happens with all added torrents, whether its manually through file menu, double clicking a torrent file that is set to open with utorrent or through the rss downloader. i have maximum number of active torrents set to 30 and maximum downloads set to 20, and still nothing (i only have 4 attempting to download). im not sure what other setting might have changed between this and the last version i had before i went away which was 3.1.3 build 26837. Does anyone else have this problem too? Someone please help me?? Edit: never mind. got it working. just deleted settings and resume.dat and it seems to have fixed itself.
  2. Have to click the checkbox in Preferences --> UI Settings called "Show a window that displays files inside torrents". Then it should display. IT did for me anyway. i just went back to the last stable version 2.0.3 and its SOOOO much better. I hate when things get changed for the worse just for the sake of change.
  3. The ability to select all files within the torrent using Ctrl+A has been disabled. I have gone back to version utorrent 2.0.3 to test this particular "bug" and it works in 2.0.3 but not in 2.2. You have to use shift+Mouseclicks in 2.2 not ctrl+A. It also wakes the computer from sleeping when it shouldn't. Again i tested this particular 'bug' in 2.0.3 and it doesn't happen. Only in 2.2. Has anyone noticed this?