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  1. Not sure I prefer most tracker admins' nazi mentality either. I'm not using software that evidently messes with their tracker (a.k.a. explicitly blacklisted clients with good enough reasons), why do they want to mess with my system by telling me which otherwise safe software I can or cannot use on my system (while offering little or no justification about that)? The usual stuff is "We don't allow betas". IF a mod or admin cares to answer, it goes something like "we don't trust betas enough, they may mess up". Like a stable version can't mess up because it's called "stable". Of course there are more ridiculous things, like not allowing betas of clients X, Y, Z but implicitly allowing pretty much any alpha or beta version of clients A, B, C, (e.g. by whitelisting the WHOLE Vuze 4.x line) even though the policy of not allowing any betas or alphas unless there's a serious reason for doing so supposedly still applies. Go figure. I also still remember the "Ban utorrent's new version, it's spyware, it calls home, it's RIAA or whatever" going on on some trackers. The same thing also happened with Vuze. The whole thing of course was/is total nonsense...
  2. Actually the whole client whitelist by version concept is utterly retarded. If you trust or have approved the client, you should approve every version unless there's a major screwup at some point. Most of the time, betas of trusted clients (leaving crap like BitComet/Lord out) don't create problems to the tracker itself. It's mostly issues on the user end, but the user knew what he was getting himself to anyway. Unfortunately the net is swarming with morons.
  3. Any ETA on when 3.0 becomes stable and replaces the 2.x builds?
  4. 18803 perpetual crash. If I send the dump and restart, it crashes on startup and asks for dump again. If I just restart, it goes into a perpetual crash/restart circle, with the error message that it some thousand bytes. Win7 Pro x64.
  5. Ok, that's weird... I'm using 18750 and I don't see the torrent file list... Every torrent's file list is empty.
  6. After uninstalling, try erasing the %AppData%/utorrent folder (although that would cause all your torrent library to also disappear. You could try backing it up and try deleting only settings.dat in there, not sure if that works like this though.
  7. So far so good here. The only bug I came across is when changing views (ie checking RSS subscriptions, then check a label, and go around like that), there was a rare case I encountered 2 times when the torrent list would disappear. Checking views fixes that. Anyway, no other bug here, no crash for 2 straight days that I've been using it. Windows 7 Pro x 64.
  8. Eh, he probably means that he's somehow seeding to the seeders, which shouldn't happen.
  9. uTorrent loads with new build so I guess problem solved.
  10. I can't get 2.1 to work. Either with installing or standalone, the utorrent process is on but 1) I can't see utorrent anywhere (no icon on systray, etc) and 2) it's constantly eating up 50% of the CPU. I can only close it by killing the process. In contrast, opening 1.8.5 RC2 works normally. Windows 7 x64 Professional here.
  11. They can't do that. No one in his right mind has an opt-out pay-on-install adware toolbar, basically cause he'll lose the cash noobs who don't know otherwise generate by blindly clicking yes. Vuze also does this (apparently the video service they were trying to promote failed but whatever). Yeah, it's not a nice practice trying to gain from people who don't know better, but whatever, it's not gonna change. Thankfully some real, up-to-now-adware-free, GPL client is nearing a critical point in its development, so you might as well try that and forget the adbloats, or try the other GPL client, but that one has still way to go before it can serve as a real alternative. But in general, you finally no longer need to put up with adware. uTorrent will just follow Azureus' and Bitcomet's road of diminished userbase due to ads and bloatware, which is a pity really. Apparently many free software devs seem to forget how they got popular, but that's ok, someone else will always come forth to take their place.
  12. Is something wrong with the recent build? I'm seeding at 35-40kb/s but somehow utorrent reports 80+. Edit: Ok, I just noticed something not nice... What the hell is the opt-out Ask.com doing there...???????? Nevermind, I found the announcement... Not very nice... And here I thought only Bitcomet and Vuze were adware...
  13. Well it IS still alpha... But yeah, even for alpha, the upload problem makes it unusable for me right now, even for testing.
  14. Confirming there doesn't seem to be a memory leak with the latest 1.8.3 beta.