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  1. "it's rendered uTorrent unusable for now" Same story as most other software. More and more bloated features, yet base functionality is compromised. Software eventually becomes so bloated, bug-ridden, memory-hogging and disk-thrashing that nobody with two brain cells to rub together wants to use it anymore - except for the old versions, which did the job. I'm sticking with 1.8.5, and suggest everyone else to do the same. The developer's got the same infection as most of the rest. I trust he will continue to transform the 'development' process into a 'degeneration process' until the 'end of the line' is reached, upon which he will ditch the software and disappear when he - and perhaps his 'team' - can no longer support the bloated, bugged-out weight of the monstrosity he created. This application jumped the shark years ago. Now it's just a matter of how long it will take to complete its death-march into a dusty grave.
  2. This release is just too bug-ridden for me to use.
  3. Oh? robaby, maybe you should read the first page: "build 16301" Take that one up with the developer. Until then, quit trotting out blatant falsehoods.
  4. The strangeness of your bug indicates code overcomplexity which is causing unpredictable interactions whose manifestations include illogical GUI behaviour. Frankly, after sixteen thousand one hundred and fifty builds it's hard to see how such an obvious bug made it through the undoubtedly stringent quality-control system.
  5. I always come here when I want a laugh about how bad the newest version is. There hasn't been anything of use to me recently so I'm still using 1.8.3. I think utorrent has overdeveloped: it has outgrown its micro ways and should now be called MacroTorrent, or soon maybe even MegaTorrent or GigaTorent. Way too full of excess complication. All these bugs are just a symptom of a systemic, systematic problem. The problem is too much - of everything: RSS gee-gaws & doo-dads, fancy UDP tracking & data-transfer (lots o' bugs in dat one, for sure), etc. There's even names for it: Featuritis and Code Bloat come to mind in particular. For its size, utorrent is probably buggier and more corrupt than any M$ software, which is a sad statement in and of itself. Of course, utorrent is not alone: modern software is more bloated and corrupt than ever before, outdoing the disasters of yesteryear with yet more extravagant displays of failure, generating endless queues of data-loss victims, not to mention paged-pool overflows spilling into kernel space. My recommendation is to permanently halt all development and excise the infected branches off the code tree, starting with the cancerous 1.8.4 edition. A little bit o' digital Bonsai so to speak. Progress is a myth and regress of baseline function is the reality after excess development.
  6. And of course however you sort, after restart the cute little column header arrows will have been magically erased...