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  1. new ut looks like bitcomet this comment & rating system looks like goldmine for RIAA good luck!
  2. thanks I just got the auto-update
  3. I am still horrified at the continued use of immature user interference in the 'files' tab, it has been essentially never changed since v1 of utorrent. It is time consuming not to mention essentially useless, perhaps the 'files' tab could get a little make-over in this version 2.0 and by improvement I mean having icons of different file types displayed and sorting by file type and expandable folders and choice of choosing the application to use for opening a file(s). It could be described as a mini windows explorer but only better. I know that most of the utorrent developers would argue why create a explorer in files tab when users can just use the real windows explorer? well this is v2.0 and this is when these things should be implemented, essentially mark this mile stone in utorrent development as the golden build and everyone wants, and besides this type of work is better done sooner then later because it will happen eventually. Other than that keep up the good work!
  4. Good to see start of next generation utorrent. Now i am going to ask for 1 feature that has been asked before. As you know now days torrents might contain 100's of folder (like font packs) and if you want to download a specific folder or a file, you have to scroll threw all of the files in the files tab. That is really hard for me because its time consuming. Now a solution to that would be drop down approach to folders, so each folder has a little expand arrow on the left side, so we can browse easily within utorrent. Its similar to the add torrent dialog box, only for the files tab.
  5. aa i find it very annoying, anyway to disable it in advanced prefrences?
  6. I have a small VERY annoying problem, when i right click on a torrent -> properties -> Maximum download rate (kB/s): [0: default] and set it to 100, then if i deside to go back to normal and i clear the box with no numbers and click OK the download speed remains the same.. i have to find the 0 key and type it in... it was more convenient in the older releases.. Hope u understand regards. Edit: and one more thing, it would be Awesome if we had the same approch to the File Tab in utorrent, as we have in the add new torrent dialog box, its much more graphical(the little icon beside folders and movie files) and convinent when the large torrent consists of various folders with sub folders and files. Sorry if this is not the right place for this request.
  7. can i update from 1.6.1 to 1.7.6? like will this corrupt any file or anything? Just wanted a heads up before i update.
  8. well utorrent 1.7.5 seems to have been released in a hurry as i can see tons of small bugs in just UI, compared to older versions, but as usual i will be ignored and ur client will be banned from private trackers... so make sure you release a clean client next time.. or i will just stick to older versions... any thoughts on why we didn't have a thing like that for 1.6.1?
  9. well I find using utorrrent 1.7.2 easier than 1.6.1 as the RSS seems to look nice..
  10. just wondering, how much time are developers putting into utorrent, I heard they are working bittorrent and its gui is similar to utorrent?
  11. well I I gave my suggestion for a reason well I just downloaded vista and found a updated crack and I didn't read the discrypsion and double clicked on it (as my anti virus didn't detect anything) and got a virus so I now have to reinstall everything in my PC and just to have some comments from ppl might have prevented it, I am not asking for a lot...
  12. man am I the only 1 for utorrent to work with RSS feeds that are not directly linked to '.torrent' files? and more info about the torrent like comments and description before downloading a RSS feed? I mean isn't that what RSS was made for?
  13. any word or date on next utorrent release?