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  1. Everything you mention can be configured within advanced preferences. Use the help file to to figure out which settings to tweak.
  2. Just a minor visual nuance. When selecting multiple items in the list view (in the images below all items are selected), and after loss of focus of the list window different results are observed if you have selected alternate background or not. Refer to the images below. Also in Win 7 standard theme at least it seems that the alternate background color is the same as the selected item (lost focus) color, which is also confusing which items are selected after loss of focus.
  3. I have encountered a bug with downloading magnet links in v29544. The progress bar is stack to Downloading Metadata, while the "Trackers", "Peers" and "Speed" views show activity, but the "Files", "Info" and "Pieces" views appear to be empty. No file has been created in my download directory at this point. I have tried stopping and restarting the torrent within uTorrent without removing and re-adding it. After closing and restarting uTorrent without removing and re-adding the magnet link, the download begins normally. EDIT: Is there any debug information file we can use to debug the process by any chance ?
  4. DreadWingKnight, thanks for the quick reply, i know that the target is to move to automatic silent updates from the next minor release, i just wanted to know if this feature was working or not, if not i would suggest to remove/disable the command from the Help menu (should be quite easy) as it is quite misleading. That's all.
  5. Does the "Check for updates" functionality work in 3.3 stable branch ? It seems that uTorrent does not identify that there have been bug fix releases ie. from 3.3.29462 to 3.3.29544, but this has been going for some versions now, and i always have to come to the website to see whether there has been a bug fix release. My settings are: silent_auto_updates = false btapps.auto_update_btapps = false btapps.auto_update_btinstalls = false Check fro updates automatically = true Update to beta versions = false
  6. I am aware of post #345, and that the devs are aware of the issue. I just wanted to provide my experience with Checked 0.0% up to uTorrent-3.3.29420 I got this bug only when adding torrents from magnet links and not when loading .torrent files. I have just downloaded uTorrent-3.3.29462, hopefully this issue has been resolved
  7. This also applies to v3.2.3 My uTorrent settings bt.no_connect_to_services = true bt.no_connect_to_services_list = 25,80,110,443,6666,6667,6668,6669,587 McAfee Access Protection Log is filed with entries like... 21/12/2012 9:49:16 μμ Blocked by port blocking rule C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe Anti-virus Standard Protection:Prevent IRC communication x.x.x.x:6666 Why would McAfee Antivirus complain about such connections since these should be blocked from uTorrent, or does the McAfee filter kick in before uTorrent manages to block these connections ?
  8. can someone explain this upward slopping line ? (in the image i include the Download graph) so basically if i limit download to 500kb this line goes to 730kb and continues in a straight line Thanks
  9. Some cosmetic things Fist image shows play button in torrent list to crop the image if column width smaller than icon width while play button in file list will skew to fit the column width Second image shows play button in the torrent list to have transparent background while play button in file list has white background.
  10. Argg just lost my post... Anyways, unfortunately i still see the bug of the missing tray icon in µTorrent 2.2.1 beta 24649. My settings are - Start uTorrent on windows startup ON - Always show tray icon ON - Close to tray ON - Minimize to tray OFF On windows startup I get the uTorrent window but no tray icon, so if i close to tray I cannot open the application window unless i crash it. The thing is that if the application is running and i try to execute the application again from desktop nothing happens, where i would expect that it would show the application window as if i had clicked on the tray icon. Isn't that reasonable ? Also is there an option i don't see that enables the application to startup minimized (on windows startup)? Thanks for considering.