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  1. The latest update made the Status column's progress bar blue regardless of the torrent status.
  2. Unless uTorrent uses a driver.
  3. That's pretty damning evidence that upload limiting is broken. That graph is for a single connection (one leecher, torrent had ~5 other seeders). No other connections were open (as verified by the Show Statistics window).
  4. Latest beta, nothing is being downloaded (as the graph shows). Not sure about during seeding only. That setting has no effect because I don't use alternate upload rate.
  5. At least upload. Here is a bad example but an example nevertheless. Speeds shown are to two peers.
  6. The add torrent form doesn't render properly in IE10. Switching rendering modes to IE9 fixes it, so maybe adding <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" > might be worthwhile.
  7. It never has??? Yes it has' date=' up until 3.3. Don't be so quick to dismiss things. Edit: While I'm here, bugs #5, 6, 7 and 9 haven't been fixed.
  8. Minimizing uTorrent (to the system tray) does not hide the add torrent dialog box.
  9. Bugs: Pressing the boss key twice after minimizing uTorrent to the system tray causes uTorrent to appear minimized in the task bar. The Bunndle Offer Manager keeps running after 'installing' uTorrent (rundll32.exe and its child process cmd.exe stay running). BunndleOfferManager.dll isn't deleted from %temp%. uTorrent can't be run as a portable application anymore by default (installation if now forced, uTorrent gets copied into/runs from %appdata% regardless of where you run it from). Heck if I know how this is even possible. The help file is outdated.
  10. 3.3 doesn't seem stable at all.
  11. The delete dialog box has not been fixed. Cancel is still the default and you have to press right on the keyboard (instead of left) to get to OK. Who writes the changelog?
  12. Not too fond of having the default button the delete torrent screen be Cancel. To hit OK you have to press right on the keyboard.. not left. That needs to be fixed.
  13. Still happens. Updated to 28025 and even running from C/the OS drive makes the setup wizard appear.
  14. The installation window. I saw it when upgrading from 27999 -> 28008 then again to 28012. However, it does not appear after subsequent startups on the same build, which was the main thing I was concerned about. Glad to see more developers active on these forums!
  15. What happened between build 28008 and 28012? Also, upgrading from 28008 to 28012 causes the setup window to show, so it's still partially not working properly. When did the Twitter/Facebook icons appear on the status bar, any why can't they be disabled?