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  1. I have only got 2.2 and can't find a link to earlier versions. Can you post a link? This could be yet another issue with web traffic going through Microsoft ISA Servers, but would like to investigate further. The logging on the ISA server shows the connection being allowed through and then the port closing a few seconds latter. ----- Thanks for sending me the link for 2.1.2. I have tested version 2.1.2 and I can connect OK over HTTPS. I have retested version 2.2 and it fails to connect over HTTPS?
  2. Hi Matias, I can see in version 2.2 you have fixed an error using http over 443, but does uRemote support HTTPS? My uTorrent currently sits behind an ISA Server which listens on HTTPS and the redirects to uTorrent WebUI on it's HTTP port. I can access the Web interface using my web browser but not uRemote. I get the error "Couldn't connect to user@dnsname:443"