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  1. What settings ? So you seriously claim that just by running a little small update, it went and changed my settings that were unchanged from the day I installed µTorrent ? Always have been running on default settings and it's not like there are some particular settings I need to set it up for it to upload at maximum speed which it has always done. And change the skin .. how ? Sorry I don't know how to change skins, why even change the current one automatically ? should just have kept the old one and have it be optional. I only updated because the stupid popup would come up all the time for updates.
  2. So how do I go back to previous version ? First of all, this new skin is absolutely f**ing horrible. It just looks disgusting and isn't as simple as it used to be .. What I like about uTorrent is that it's small, lightweight and simple to use. Secondly, my upload speed is effed up. Prior to the update I was uploading at 1mbps and now it's around 500kbps and no more. And it ain't about the torrents not having enough leechers, I can assure you that. Yes I know, I could uninstall and find older release from somewhere but that would mean losing all my settings, stats and torrent lists etc.. I usually find and open any files from that list. And don't suggest copying the settings folder because I tried it when I went from Vista to Win7, and it didn't work.