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  1. hm, I have some torrents with udp:// too, can't connect to it. DHT stopped working as well - well, it's technically working, but not getting any peers. I thought that ISP may block udp communications for the reasons unknown, but OBT is working now, so that explanation seems unlikely. To mods: if this doesn't seem to be utorrent bug to you as well, please move the topic to a more general forum - I'd still like to get any ideas regarding the nature of this problem
  2. I found a new interesting aspect - udp trackers start to work when utorrent is run with /recover option... even if it's the single instance.
  3. If it wasn't, I won't be writing there. These torrents can't receive peers from DHT as well, the only ways I found to enter the swarm - manual adding a live peer and PeX or registering in swarm with clear settings.dat/other client (same port) and PeX again. I just can't believe believe it's openbittorent's problem when torrents stay forced for 30+ hours and can't connect to a single peer, and using other client or clearing settings connects them immediately. Actually, I would like to test on another tracker, I just don't know any reliable ones. Rejecting with "port unreachable" is pretty strange too, it doesn't look like timeout from not being able to process request... Maybe I'm writing this to the wrong place, though, and should go bother openbittorent guys a bit ^)
  4. oops, that was a mistake when typing - of course, there's /announce part. Fixing oppost
  5. Greetings. Lately I faced the problem that won't allow udp trackers work correctly in uTorrent ver. Namely, the one I tested this with was udp:// - it always shows "connection timed out" on any torrent. Some packet sniffing with wireshark showed that udp packets are rejected with port unreachable error. However, if I create a clean install of utorrent, with pure white settings.dat - udp trackers work correctly from this installation. So ok, I thought, maybe my old 250kb settings.dat from uT 1.5 era has a right for some rest after all that time, made all necessary settings again (with old resume.dat though), and udp trackers worked fine for some time in that configuration (around 15 hours probably), and then the same problem shows itself. So ok, I thought, maybe some of my settings make things go wrong, so I run another instance in parallel with /recover and new settings.dat, made all settings by hand again, aand... suddenly, it's working. (no luck on main one though) So it wasn't my settings, then what? Moreover, I copypasted my settings.dat from main instance to the new one and it worked too!. So, becoming more and more confused, I deleted all .dat files and their backups from main utorrent directory, except resume.dat and settings.dat. Problem still persists. So maybe paths have some relation to it (stupid suggestion, alright). So I renamed the dir and started "main" copy again. Created new allowing rules for firewall by the way, since it recognised renamed uT folder as a new program. Aaaaaaaand... problem persists. So, I give up. Just to be sure, before posting this, I backed up my settings.dat from main instance, creating blank one and ran it. udp trackers work. Moved old settings.dat back - udp trackers don't work. Any suggestions are appreciated.