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  1. when will be translation update, becouse i realy want translation Lithuania?
  2. yeah' date=' yeah, right. We *airquotes* believe you. Anyway, go to: Preferences > Bandwith > Global Rate Limit Options There are 3 options, check the middle one. It should say something like "Apply limit to uTP connections" If that doesn't solve it, then you might want to give a full report of your problem with logs and all other necessary information in the troubleshooting section.[/quote'] thanks it realy helps
  3. Why would anyone set their upload limit to "1kbps?" You are obviously not a file-sharer. i just checked the limitation and its not working onli for that i set to 1 kbps
  4. i set uploud limit to 1kb/s and it still uplouding on unlimited so wtf ?
  5. well i checked languages and notice that ther are missing 5 translations from download- availeble languages:Albania, Faroese, Frision, Lithuania, Serbian(Latin), besides that ther also are added 2 translation that are not listed in download- availeble languages:Kurdish, Valencian. so i realy hope it will be fixed very soon