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  1. 'Set Destination Name' Leaves Two Sets of Files

    Thanks, I'll try that.
  2. uTorrent 3.5.4 (build 44632) creates two sets of files when I use the context menu item Advanced -> Set Destination Name. The fileset in the folder created by the default name of the torrent contains empty files. These were probably created by uTorrent where I have the option 'Pre-allocate all files' checked. Seems like uTorrent could delete these files when I create the new destination name.
  3. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    I didn't uninstall any update, I just installed the optional one.
  4. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    See above.
  5. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    Thanks, everyone, KB4338821 did the trick. Should've been easier but what can you do!
  6. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    Which "optional update" are you referring to - a Windows update or uTorrent? Which version number or KB? Thanks for your time!
  7. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    I posted a topic in the Troubleshooting forum which I refer to here. In Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, uTorrent will not close when I try to exit using the File menu or the Close button. Instead, uTorrent hangs and cannot be close from Task Manager or any other means except for rebooting the computer. This occurs in the current version and all the older versions of uTorrent that I have tried. Someone responded to my post saying they found that Windows Update KB4338818 is the cause of the problem, and uninstalling it lets uTorrent close correctly. However, KB4338818 looks like an important update for Windows and I am concerned about removing it. Also, Windows Update will continue to try to reinstall KB4338818 in subsequent automatic processes. This should be examined by the uTorrent developers. Thanks in advance!
  8. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    Thanks for the detective work. What does KB4338818 do?
  9. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    I am still having problems with uTorrent not closing. I even went back to an older version and it still happened.
  10. uTorrent Hangs on Exit

    I subscribe to the ad-free uTorrent for Windows. I'm running version on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. When I exit uTorrent, it hangs and will not close. Clicking on it gives the "not responding" message at the top of the window. The application cannot be closed with Task Manager, even with the "End Process" and "End Process Tree" commands. The only way to kill it is to log out or shut down the PC. This is a new problem as of yesterday. Not sure what version I was running prior to downloading the latest, which I thought might help.