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  1. Someone mentioned earlier bout ISP's that DON'T throttle/shape bt traffice. Well I want to add one to that list now. (Canada - Maritimes) DSL (Deadicated Line!!!!) - It's pretty much the only way to go this side of Quebec. Aliant ROCKS!! ~Grizzbear
  2. Add Eastlink Cable (Canada) to the list. There servers rate limit all BT traffic to a basic crawl!! Solution: DSL
  3. Hi everbody.. I would like congrats to the creators utorrent!! Like alot of people here I have used many if not all the other client with utter disappointment untill.....I got turned onto utorrent. I must say Im very impressed so far. Ive been using utorrent for a week now and WOW!!!! Kudo's to the creators!!! Please keep up the great work!!