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  1. @ taba7 - I don't know what are you talking about... Link placed in this thread ( ) redirects to what you get is so try clearing you browser cache or use other browser to download this
  2. Is this a joke...? 1MB it's only in "compressed state" on HDD, when it's running in "uncompressed state", it takes more than 10-20MB RAM, mine 50MB for example But if you care about size, you can always use the original one made by Blackice (thread here). I modified this icon a little to get more versions of sizes as I also use it for torrent files associated with µTorrent (maindoc.ico) and for main program icon (main.ico). So if you want to use it only for tray icon (tray.ico), download the original. End of offtopic ;d Thanks for hearing my rant...
  3. hmm, odd I click on file name (this "tray.ico") an it starts download fine without any problems
  4. but it's .ICO file format, not .EXE...
  5. Please add this, it's also nice :cool: EDIT: adding screenshot how icon look like it have many icon sizes, from 16x16 to 512x512
  6. don't know why, but with each new version I see more bugs than less... @ rafi - remember this ? look, now you have screwed 'emoticon' ;d
  7. At least they fixed this annoying malware issue with antiviruses that's for sure...
  8. It also happens if you disable disk cache? If I remember correctly it was disabled by default due to Windows bug with disk overload. I got reply from Avira as I reported this file as false positive... Please look: We received the following archive files: File ID Filename Size (Byte) Result 27656850 160.91 KB OK A listing of files contained inside archives alongside their results can be found below: File ID Filename Size (Byte) Result 27654557 551305f2.vir 347.25 KB MALWARE Please find a detailed report concerning each individual sample below: Filename Result 551305f2.vir MALWARE The file '551305f2.vir' has been determined to be 'MALWARE'. Our analysts named the threat ADWARE/Bunndle.B. Detection is added to our virus definition file (VDF) starting with version A detailed description can be found on our web page:
  9. Already finished your moralfagging? Can we go to main topic? and please... we don't need here some fake troll semi-mods...
  10. I don't create a new thread, so your argument is invalidand now stop edify and making me look as bad guy here. as you are the only one offensive to me, looking on your previous post... Completely agree!That's why I reported it here, because not everyone will read all latest posts in other threads or use search function, especially when you don't have forum account.
  11. I care less about other posts in other threads. I didn't see it mentioned here, so that's why I posted here. and firstly this is not a non-issue any ideas when this will be changed from to as now µTorrent waste screen space... [bUG] Deleting selected torrents moves highlight on random torrents is still not fixed... same as [bUG] Scrolling the file list uses 100% CPU power of 1 core EDIT: also added magnet links in not started state don't have files selection when torrent is downloaded...
  12. ... and I hope it's only false positive
  13. Help file isn't properly extracted from downloaded "" after clicking "µTorrent Help" in "Help" menu. Also please update µTorrent Help File (.chm) in Videos & Guides under "Help" menu on the website.
  14. How about more ergonomic "Add New Torrent dialog prompt" :cool: WILL BE IS
  15. Selecting "Don't show me this again" didn't work?
  16. It's acceptable. But better idea is linking to magnet these settings: -"Don't start the download automatically" under "UI Settings" in "Preferences" (of course this also automatically affects this setting "Start torrent" under "Torrent Options" in "Add New Torrent" dialog prompt, because both are linked together) and -"Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advanced mode" under "UI Settings" in "Preferences". "Don't start the download automatically" will be managing the status of downloaded torrent from magnet, like it do for 'normal' torrents; so enabled - torrents and torrents from magnets won't started automatically, torrents will have "Stopped" status with disabled - torrents and torrents from magnets will be started automatically, torrent will have "Downloading" status "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advanced mode" will be managing a files selection under "Add New Torrent" dialog prompt, like it do for 'normal' torrents so enabled - "Add New Torrent" dialog prompt will be shown for torrents and torrents from magnets, option to choose files which you want to download with disabled - "Add New Torrent" dialog prompt won't be shown for torrents and torrents from magnets, no option to choose files which you want to download, all files will be selected to downloading Why I think it's better. Simply, added magnet link should always download a torrent, no exceptions. The only what's matters are options to set proper torrent status (stop/download) and file selection in torrent, before any other operation. I disagree with rafi here. Blinking text will be a bad idea. I didn't saw from ages that any program will behave like this, so no. Don't forget some ppl diseases too, like Epilepsy and others ;p Better idea is colorizing these spinning arrows to e.x. green or blue color (default M$) and make them bigger, but not too much of course... Instead of blinking these text "Waiting for Torrent Information", we should bold and underline it and make it about 1,5x bigger maybe, but I don't know how it will be looking. Do that what won't be looking awfully and will be drawing attention there. Don't forget to link this 'new feature' if it will be implanted for magnet as tray balloon notification to "Show balloon notifications in tray" under "UI Settings" in "Preferences". Focusing automatically on "Files tab" can be a great substitute for normal "Add New Torrent" dialog prompt, be it won't replace it completely.
  17. You again... and again it's only just me still not fixed in µTorrent 3.2.1 Beta 7 28012 also waiting for reply for my question... + help file needs an update... [bUG] Updating help file is needed' date=' especially new advenced options[/url']
  18. buuu... :/ still not fixed in µTorrent Beta 6... Are you guys working on this, I'm curious? about FB icon, it not aggressive, so it can stay, because it promote itself on FB
  19. What what? EVERYTHING xD GUI not suited, but should be ;p or at least adequate setting should be created in options. :cool:
  20. Wrong. This bug is a MUST FIX. Why, I said in my first posts about it. Simply µTorrent didn't respect settings for 'all' torrents downloaded from magnet links. I agree it's not critical as now we have file selection when you wait for torrent download from magnet link. But what I want is link these settings also to magnets, RSS etc., so everyone will be happy, not only one part of the side. I would also recommend colorizing these these spinning arrows to e.x. green or blue color (default M$) and make them bigger, but not too much of course About balloon notification. It should also be linked to "Show balloon notification in tray". I dislike it, so I have them disabled in options. But I would like to select files in torrents, so pop-up "Add New Torrent" is a must for me for magnets in stopped state. So when I start them. I also will have option to select what I want. Just try TIxati and look how it deals with everything. Simply marvelous. :cool: But I like GUI better in µTorrent
  21. But with torrents you can select files in offline mode, with magnets you can't, even after going online. So it's not the same. It's like going to some FTP address in web browser and download everything, with auto-reload plugin ex. Fierr or in Opera. And are you simply saying today behavior is good and don't need change?
  22. But it works. :cool: Just downloading/uploading won't happen. Just imagine you can't add .torrent files to your µTorrent in offline mode... simply ridiculous.
  23. Thank you dev team for finally fixing this annoying issue :cool: [FIXED] Deleting selected torrents moves highlight on random torrents don't know in which build, but it not happens anymore. And why didn't you use the "add" dialogue? As I said above there is only one use-case that I agree' date=' justifies auto-stopping for selection . Using the "add" dialogue for it or just the files tab - doesn't matter much.[/quote'] I use "Add New Torrent" dialogue. It opens after Firefox lunch µTorrent to deal with magnet. But why it matters so high for me. Firstly, imagine the magnet have very few seeds and peers. This will result in very long torrent downloading. Not everyone will waste time looking on these spinning arrows and waiting for torrent download. So they click OK and they will be waiting for prompt and file selection, when download of the torrent will be complete. Too bad they won't see this... Secondly, downloading magnets in most cases is slow compared to simple torrent downloading from the server. In this case ppl will also behave like in first one. Thirdly, it's probably also a pain for users with slow network. Fourthly, imagine that you want to add some amount of magnets in offline mode. Net go down for some minutes or hours, but you still have website open. You can add your magnets to µTorrent, because they are "cached" in some way in browser. OK, Looks good. You added about 10-20 magnets to µTorrent and in some time net goes up and it's fully operational, so µTorrent start working. It will download torrents, but it won't prompt you for file selection. It will download all files in torrent. People with enabled pre-allocated files (it's default setting, or at least it was) or with not too much free space on HDD/SSD/default selected download partition won't be happy... Fifthly, because current behavior is unacceptable/bad/wrong/etc. Sixthly, why not? It probably won't work when you're offline, so not if this won't be fixed. But I'm monitoring and still testing µTorrent
  24. I don't see much difference between waiting inside the Add dialogue' date=' or wait till it'll pop-up this dialog later on when you want to skip files. The only use-case it does makes sense - is when you do not use the "Add" dialog at all. In this case I'd have done it differently: 1. if a user auto-start new magnet-torrents - all files will be downloaded 2. if the user add magnets in a "stopped" state - I should always auto-retrieve the meta-data (showing some "waiting" status/icon), and then auto-stop it. At this time the user can select files to skip, or press start . And making the wait-animation more visible/bigger - is always good...[/quote'] The main reason is that this Add dialogue didn't pop-up later, so adding manget without waiting for µTorrent to download torrent will result in downloading all files in this torrent without any prompt or option to select files. It's unacceptable. Every time you ended downloading a manget should result in pop-up'ing the Add dialogue to have chance to select files like in other clients fully supporting magnet. That's some of the main reason I migrate to Tixati for example.