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  1. The exact same 1' date='115K as 30180 here...[/quote'] Nope 30180 was 878kB according to my %AppData%\uTorrent\updates folder.
  2. 29786 just rolled out over the beta auto-updater even though 29806 is the latest in the OP. :/
  3. Yeah I think they pulled it. It's not on the servers anymore; only 29812 that I can see.
  4. So I'm guessing no changelogs are posted anymore because they're embarrassed that it's up to RC10 again?
  5. That sounds like a good hint... Always? @Osmosis: you have the same message? Every time? I always have delete to trash at false, so I don't see that error. Also I think we might be referring to something different, but perhaps related, since I don't keep things in incomplete and have it move or anything; I'm just referring to the copies uTorrent keeps in %AppData%/uTorrent to run from. And I'd venture to guess that it's more likely to happen while seeding than when the torrent is marked "completed/finished" from reaching the seeding target, etc. But there still doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to that since I've had those ones be locked too.
  6. Auto-deletion upon removal. Amended.
  7. No. You're wrong. "Remove and delete .torrent" IS auto-deletion. That's how it always worked before and still works sometimes. It's a regression due to the file locks which continue long after the the download is removed from uTorrent, interfering with the delete call it's supposed to make at the same time.
  8. 1) Set Remove to "Remove and delete .torrent" (gui.default.del.action = 1) 2) Download torrents as usual for a few days to 1 week. 3) Remove them while they are seeding/completed. 4) Check %AppData%/uTorrent; notice it's full of .torrent files it didn't delete. As I've said previously, it doesn't happen every time, but it happens a lot, and it seems to be that uTorrent isn't releasing the file lease/lock quick enough for the delete call to work. I can even try and delete some of the leftovers manually and they are still locked until I exit uTorrent or force them unlocked with a program like Unlocker. I also have gui.delete_to_trash = false, but I've tried this both ways and it doesn't seem to matter.
  9. Since when anyone is doing what you tell him to?... And I said important... rafi, just because the issue doesn't bother you doesn't diminish it's importance. You are not a moderator. The bug is a regression, and needs to be fixed.
  10. %appdata%/uTorrent still fills up with torrent files despite changing the default remove option to +torrent; pretty annoying to discover 300 of your old torrents still kicking around. That's a broken option and uTorrent should clean up after itself if I tell it to.
  11. Quit trolling. Your question didn't make any sense; but following that link, sure, seems like a reasonable suggestion.
  12. Getting back on track then. Nagging reminders never hurt, rafi. You pretty much live by that usually, or are you now the only person allowed to make them?
  13. Okay, seems like we're back on track. Please also make the "Create Subfolder" checkbox remember its last state as well. I rarely ever make subfolders on a per-torrent basis so this is really annoying to uncheck every time. Thanks!
  14. Yeah it reinstalled itself for me too, but to the same folder since I already have it where it likes. Anyway just copy all the files from your old folder to where it likely installed to, %AppData%\uTorrent Edit: There you go. Figured it out on your own. There's no fuss. Once it's in %AppData% it should work fine. Let it update.
  15. 438 also reorders the priorities you have set for your downloads. Between that and the Check bug, it's hilariously unusable. Honest question devs: do you even run your own program before you upload it? Good news is I grabbed 335 from the %AppData%\uTorrent\updates\ folder and deleted updates.dat to remove the blacklisting on it, so now I'm able to properly BitTorrent again, at least until the next "beta". :|
  16. Click through once and they go away. Actually surprised Osmosis didn't know that.... you been here how long? Haha I don't click shit if I don't need to. Especially when it's my torrent program trying to link to my social networking. Thanks for the heads up ciao, hopefully they throw it into the advanced options as well, as it should be. A lot has changed in 8 years. :/
  17. Option to remove the twitter and facebook icons from the status bar needs to be added. :/
  18. Interesting. You mean if it's up that doesn't get rid of it. Must be because of the modality of the dialog.. It should still follow the parent if minimized though, you're right.
  19. Hi-res versions of the new icon perhaps. Honestly not a fan of it myself.
  20. I'm not a developer, but I've been here awhile. The duplicates are leftover from an older bugged version that created them. To get rid of them: Close uTorrent. Get Ultima's Bencode editor from the General forum and edit your %Appdata%\uTorrent\settings.dat file, you'll find the duplicates in there fairly easily. Save and remove the .dat.old, then run uTorrent again. Done.
  21. On a related note.. Remove and Delete .torrent used to remove the .torrent file from %UserData%\uTorrent That's the same as default del action 1. This has been broken for awhile. :/ It appears to be because uTorrent isn't always releasing the file lock in a timely manner before it tries to delete it.
  22. Obviously last year's list is what I was referring to rafi. :/ The other quotes are updates/me demonstrating that I've repeatedly brought it up from 3.0 to 3.3 and it's been ignored.
  23. Haha here you go, sir. Follow the "year ago" link. Plus, here are the last few times I posted updates about them/new bugs: Keep up the fiery spirit. We need someone externally tracking the bugs and holding these guys accountable considering their internal tracker clearly doesn't.