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  1. @Alpha-Toxic:Yup, this was answered a few times already. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=436887#p436887
  2. I'm not seeing "released" on the thread, but I'm not seeing RC anymore either.. AH, just checked the front page! 1.8.5 is final with build 17091. Congrats guys!
  3. I just encountered an odd little asthetic bug. To recreate: 1. Select all in the Files tab of a torrent. 2. Open any other tab. 3. Select another torrent. 4. Go back to the Files tab. The selected rows stay selected, as opposed to the expected behavior seen when the tab changing is omitted. Great work on the 1.8.x line guys. 2.x looks like it's coming along well too. Keep it up!
  4. dante: yes. 1.8.3 will phase in the uTP code to the masses so that 1.9 can be more effectively tested.
  5. Turned off uTP (traspdisp=5 from 13 before) today because I was up to 700+ active connections reported on my DD-WRT Status page and my WLMessenger connection was dropping every 10 or 15 minutes. Now I'm back down between 300-400 and all is well. This is with 3 torrents having a per torrent peer limit of 100, a global connection limit of 600, and neither upload or download anywhere close to my limits. Very weird stuff.
  6. LightningStrike: Also, 1.8.3 is important for phasing in the newer uTP code.
  7. sometimes it just takes awhile of them testing it on the forums here for them to want to roll it out to a lot of people.
  8. GTHK: Interesting.. so I guess Greg's reservations were allayed. Thanks.
  9. -diskio.no_zero=true What's the advantage here? Doesn't that mean that it won't preallocate the space required for the file? Isn't the preallocation a good thing for lowering incesant disk writing and file fragmentation?
  10. Hmm.. here's something I've never seen before: [2009-03-28 20:16:08] QoS: running low (0.0 kB @ 0.0 kB), stepping up to 0.0 kB [ qos_rate: 0.0 kB bwc rate: 0.0 kB] [2009-03-28 20:16:09] QoS: running low (29.2 kB @ 28.3 kB), stepping up to 0.9 kB [ qos_rate: 0.0 kB bwc rate: 28.4 kB] [2009-03-28 20:16:10] QoS: running low (497.6 kB @ 497.6 kB), stepping up to 0.9 kB [ qos_rate: 0.0 kB bwc rate: 497.6 kB] [2009-03-28 20:16:11] QoS: running low (151.2 kB @ 151.2 kB), stepping up to 0.9 kB [ qos_rate: 0.0 kB bwc rate: 151.9 kB] [2009-03-28 20:16:12] QoS: running low (263.4 kB @ 255.5 kB), stepping up to 0.9 kB [ qos_rate: 0.0 kB bwc rate: 255.7 kB] [2009-03-28 20:16:13] QoS: running low (263.4 kB @ 255.5 kB), stepping up to 0.9 kB [ qos_rate: 0.0 kB bwc rate: 308.8 kB] What does it all mean?
  11. I felt the old font was too large on my sadly (more uncommon lately) 1024x768 screen resolution and was zooming out to make it easier to handle.. so maybe we can compromise and say it would be nice if the font size were dynamic to the display.
  12. Love the new main site.. however the forum default theme is a little oversized making it harder to navigate the forums. Any chance that could be fixed? Making everything below the header about 80% of how large it is now would make it so much easier to read/use.
  13. FYI.. You shouldn't JUST have it set to 1.. you should combine it with at least one incoming transport method.
  14. > Even if for 1.9, shouldn't it be 15 default, and not 13? For 1.8.3 the settings match 1.9, so according to the 1.9 thread (and what I've gathered in this thread).. bt.transp_disposition is a bitfield, so the following numbers can be ADDED to get the desired effect: 1 - incoming TCP 2 - incoming uTP 4 - outgoing TCP 8 - outgoing uTP Specific combinations: 5 - TCP incoming + outgoing only (uTP disabled) 13 - TCP incoming + outgoing with uTP outgoing only (1.8.3 default) 15 - both TCP and uTP, incoming + outgoing (1.9 default) 13 makes sense as the default for 1.8.3 (despite Firon saying it would be 0) because until all the kinks are worked out they don't want the client preferring uTP over TCP for incoming connections.
  15. Just updated to 14755, bt.transp_disposition defaults to 13? Will I encounter any issues setting it to 15 to (I assume) enable full uTP functionality?
  16. RL3, the problem with the other versions was probably that you were giving too much upload bandwidth to uTorrent to use. You should probably try using Switeck's "Recommended settings" optimization thread with older versions to properly compare.
  17. Both of those are only meant to capture the traffic in logs, might explain the CPU.. 13485 is the actual current alpha still.
  18. Is it just my imagination or has development gone a little stagnant again? Nothing seems to be happening on the trac.
  19. Haha that's a beautiful extended metaphor. You should repost it in the Testimonial or Thanks sticky thread in the General forum.
  20. kiks: that's fairly self-explanatory - the tracker hasn't updated to allow 1.8.1 yet.
  21. Definitely have a stuck loading screen issue with IE8b2 in both standards and compatibilty modes.
  22. utorrent respects the minimum anounce time now.. if you go to the tracker tab and right-click to add the Min Interval column, things'll probably make a lot more sense now. it is here so that the trackers won't be hammered to death by manual updates.
  23. uthappyuser: very well stated. i fully agree, especially with your second large paragraph there.