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  1. that's the default port in µTorrent
  2. looks like it was taken from the Epic game Unreal, actually. i might be wrong though.
  3. yeah, not quite as photogenic as the firefox, huh? shrinking the wasp especially didn't work.
  4. doesn't have to be the exact same icon, could be a modified version so that it will look good as a whatever-sized icon, or also it could be something related, a beehive/wasp's nest was mentioned. also (just to chip in again) i still prefer the monochromatically schemed 2nd version BSH produced. can't wait until it's up on the main page. it'll look professional as hell.
  5. i like the new one. could go for a fade somewhere in the middle, try to please both camps
  6. i agree with Ultima on this one, just doesn't match up quite as well. seems a bit more distracting
  7. top left is probably my fav out of those 4.
  8. the beta user wouldn't have sent himself to you in the peerlist. you got the beta user from the tracker, and the X flagged users came from the beta user. to clarify, the X doesn't denote the peer has PEX capabilities, it denotes that YOU received said peer VIA peer exchange.
  9. the second may be because it only temp bans for hash errors. unsure about the first.
  10. you're probably on a torrent that also has a person who was using the older beta where the PEX privacy was broken, so the X's you see on your list come from receiving users from said person. So it's not the new beta that's broken, it's the old one, and you'll see instances of it until everyone finally updates.
  11. correction: build 420 is out! ... w00t. blaze one.
  12. not sure if i missed it in reading through or not, but could somebody clarify what the difference between Enabled and Enabled, Always is for PE in the newest beta? and what the E and e difference means, since both are still in use.
  13. ah, that's a windows setting you can alter. There might be an easier way (not downloading something), but I use Tweak UI. The options are: "Prevent applications from stealing focus: -Flash taskbar until I click on it. -Flash taskbar # times."
  14. ICleolion: with 393 i don't have the orange flashing behavior you do. mine functions as it did before, with the whole program being brought to the front whether it was in tray before or not.
  15. the 393 grips are smaller, which is what i think the issue was with the other ones, they're still not the same, however, as the other sizing grips in the program. personally i'm fine with them as are, just thought i'd point it out.
  16. boo: lynx was saying that the first time utorrent is opened the speed wizard shouldn't popup automatically. ICleolion: ah, i see now. yes, you're right. it is those 2. Looks like it also doesn't bring uTorrent to the top (as active window) when a new torrent is added either (i'm using 391).
  17. @geezer: yup, happens to me too. @ICleolion: the Add Torrent windows have the same one as the main window.. looks like the only one that doesn't is the RSS. Agreed it would look better with the more "discreet" one that the others also have.
  18. 1.3 Build 364 fixed open bug with me. =D