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  1. A simple click-and-rename from the Add Dialog

    Whatever... it is not just a "simple click"' date=' you need this [...'] select-folder button to click beside each file (or a "relocate" context menu).

    Not so.. why not have the Add Torrent Dialog filelist behave like a Windows folder in details-view? Click on filename, rename. Simple.

  2. What for ? Is it that difficult doing it in the files tab ? But, feel free to try your luck with the devs...

    A simple click-and-rename from the Add Dialog before the files get created would be easier than the way they get moved via the Files tab.

    To summarize: Greater efficiency, ????, Profit! ;)

  3. 27605 appears to have incorporated my suggestion of keeping trailing \'s on the Save In line, fixing the bug where it would display the next directory up each time.


    Bug/bad feature: It also seems we're not allowed to leave the Name line blank anymore, making it impossible to save a torrent's contents directly to the Save In dir. Workaround is to put "." in the Name line, but then of course your torrent gets named "." in the torrent list. :/

  4. [2012-06-26 20:51:59]  File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\resume.dat
    [2012-06-26 20:51:59] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\resume.dat.new
    [2012-06-26 20:51:59] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\resume.dat.old
    [2012-06-26 20:51:59] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\remote-devpair.dat
    [2012-06-26 20:51:59] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\remote-devpair.dat.new
    [2012-06-26 20:51:59] File not found during integrity check: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\remote-devpair.dat.old

    with RC5 the "remote-devpair" error is new... resume.dat error is old; I have resume_dir_only enabled, etc.

  5. It's not irrevocably broken. We've been paying down a lot of tech debt, and our betas are a lot less stable than 2.x betas for that reason.

    I'm glad to hear it, but it's definitely worrisome to see the dev team keep pushing the buck with new features, creating new bugs, while old bugs that have been reported time and again get ignored. The more you create the harder it is to catch up to the old ones, since knowing when/how the bugs got introduced is usually an important part of resolving them. Anyway, I hope things keep getting better, I still have a lot of hopes for the client.

  6. Doesn't happen to me (or, I guess, to Firon...)... Are you sure you run the latest build? Maybe some other setting of yours causes this. What OS/FS ?
    Windows 7 Professional SP1, 32-bit, NTFS, µTorrent 3.2.27026. Hmm, well I guess I'll go dust off my big list of bugs again and pick a new one to champion for the next couple weeks. :P

    Edit: Figured out how to recreate. Looks like there're extra steps. Reproduction post above edited.

  7. Add_dialog_hist doesn't retain the trailing "\" in the folders' date=' making it change to the directory above every time the Add dialog opens. (ie. G:\Temp\TVEps -> G:\Temp -> G:).[/quote']I can't repro your bug with path components being stripped. Are you on 27026? If so, please give me steps to reproduce this issue and clarify how you're adding the torrents (magnet links, add by URL, torrent from your browser, etc).

    Add torrent from browser, multi-file. In the Add New Torrent dialog I browse "Save In" to "G:\Temp\TVEps", clear the "Name" field because I want to save the contents directly to the chosen folder, and click OK. The next time the Add New Torrent dialog comes up, instead of "G:\Temp\TVEps" it will show "G:\Temp", and if saved to there ("Name" cleared again), the next time it will show "G:".

    My suggestion to "retain the trailing \" is because if you have one in the "Save In" path, (ie. "G:\Temp\TVEps\") then it doesn't go to the directory above; but honestly that shouldn't happen anyway, so that's the real bug. Hope this helps!

    Edit: More accurately narrowed down the steps - must be multi-file and "Name" must be empty.

  8. uT BUG:

    even if i already copied the updated exe file in \program files\uTorrent, the program still requires the admin password and admin rights elevation... WHY is this?

    i'm using uTorrent.exe v3.1.3.27060 on a regular user account (i keep an admin console open though)

    MD5: 8c681e33300bbc996fbed7ac1db2261a

    SHA-1: 6c688663bfd50a875cc059e25038c9431d09ae53

    if i give it the admin password or start uT from the admin console, it launches correctly, but refuses to run if i don't give it administrative rights.

    why does it need NOW admin rights to run when launched from a normal user account? didn't need any admin rights and was running fine that way.

    File Properties -> Unblock

  9. We believe we have them all now. A refresh will be coming today with the final fix (having tested this new fix with Rafi already)

    Don't forget about "webui.download_folders" and "ct_hist" (of osmosis).

    Yes, and add_dialog_hist seems fixed now, but it still doesn't retain the trailing "\" in the folders, making it change to the directory above every time the Add dialog opens. (ie. G:\Temp\TVEps -> G:\Temp -> G:).

  10. I wrote simple script to fix settings.dat (on php).

    If anyone required, ask me :) I can share the script or convert your file.

    2Firon: If you still not all cases fixed, here my broken lists in settings.dat (was records => fixed count):

    add_dialog_hist: 180224 => 11

    dl_image_modifiedsince: 65536 => 7

    lvc_addpre/columns: 49152 => 3

    lvc_conversion/columns: 180224 => 11

    lvc_device/columns: 180224 => 11

    lvc_files/columns: 262144 => 16

    lvc_overview_apps/columns: 638976 => 39

    lvc_overview_rss/columns: 638976 => 39

    lvc_peers/columns: 311296 => 19

    lvc_tracker/columns: 131072 => 8

    webui.pair_hashes/entries: 131072 => 8

    Missed a few; whole lot of duplicates under webui.download_folders and ct_hist (also add_dialog_hist, but that might be a separate bug). Otherwise, worked great! Thanks! Brought my settings.dat down from 536kb to 45kb (and then I BEncode Edited it down to 21kb by removing the other duplicate entries I found).

  11. If you're going to keep Folder and "File/Folder" split in the Add dialog then you need to have it retain the \ at the end of the folder side or it always goes one folder higher ever time. Also, it shows the same folder multiple times in the pulldown, instead of just moving the old instance up in the list. I've got the same folders like 40 times.

  12. Question: Is Share getting folded back into the main releases for 3.2, or will that be later/Plus only?

    This bug still - I get the following on each program start (note I added the [%AppData%] myself to shorten the lines):

    [2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat

    [2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat.new

    [2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat.old

    This happens even though resume.enable_resume_dir = *true, and more importantly resume.dir_only = *true.

    Also, the "V8 Bundle" messages are back? Hadn't received them for awhile since 3.1 beta...

    And how is "Name" a welcome addition to the Add Torrent dialog? If someone can't figure out that the filename goes at the end of the filepath, then honestly...