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  1. -- 2011-06-17: Version 3.0 RC6 (build 25395) ...? http://download.utorrent.com/beta/utorrent-3.0-latest.exe
  2. lot of duplicate entries there.. I believe it should say: -- 2011-06-13: Version 3.0 RC5 (build 25377) - Fix: fix rating column interaction - Fix: compose the name of a magnet link as utf-8 - Fix: fix sidebar toolbar and detail pane chevron - Change: Enable URLs that redirect to magnet links for bundles and add torrent URL - Fix: Fixed activation from system tray. Will not activate window when UI setting to activate is unchecked. - Fix: Reopen uT in final position on exit or maximized/unmaximized in second monitor It seems the speed graph background is now grey as well, though it's not mentioned.
  3. Same. Must be something they discovered last minute barring its release, and someone jumped the gun on the autoupdater. Edit: Or Firon's away
  4. No, I only have "Always show tray icon" enabled in that section. So to better explain: when it minimizes on system start it acts as though I have "Minimize to tray" enabled when I don't; it should only minimize to the taskbar.
  5. Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else so here's another tray icon issue: "Always show tray icon" with "Start µTorrent on system startup" and "Minimize at system start" are selected, and µTorrent is pinned to Windows 7 taskbar. µTorrent shows up in tray on system start but taskbar icon still shows it as closed until it is clicked or the tray icon is used to bring up the main window. On a tangent, I just wanted to mention I really wish tooltips for filenames worked in the Name column of the Add New Torrent dialog. Cheers!
  6. Until it gets cleared up, setting net.low_cpu to true is what I have done to make things more managable on my older machine. It reduced µTorrent's CPU usage from 25-30% (sometimes 40-60%) to 8-13%.
  7. Happy to report that sidebar buttons hide nicely , and that the Health column bars are now green for me (they remained orange, as with another user, pre-RC4). One thought though: Seeding torrents have empty health bars, but active are green filling in grey bars - shouldn't it be green filling in empty to be consistent?
  8. Not sure if the set, re-arranging, or resizing is the cause but I do both of those when setting my columns up. My column order is as follows: Name, Size, Done, Down Speed, Up Speed, Status, ETA, Downloaded, Uploaded, Ratio, Seeds, Peers, Avail., #, Added, Completed, Tracker. The list is sorted by # to provide meaning to the order and have move up/down queue work visually (is this the default? if not, would it make sense as the default?). To my knowledge/in my experience the trigger for reset on upgrade is when the new version has added columns that did not exist previously in the version one is upgrading from. A few questions that remain unanswered in your post: Will the potential CPU fix also fix the sluggish torrent list horizontal scrolling? Will there be an updated 2.0.4 skin? Also, I don't see mention of the ongoing tray icon issues or any plans for completing the comment disabling feature. Thanks again for all the hard work!
  9. LeppeR: Advanced gui.tall_category_list = false, and Disable Narrow Toolbar (F11) helps too but you can't get rid of it completely (yet).
  10. Glad to hear! Okay, here's the dump. 1 download, 5 seeding (though not all actively). During the 10 minutes I was seeing an average of about 25-30% CPU, and saw it spend a fair amount of time in the 40s and 50s as well. After creating the dump at 10 minutes I reenabled net.low_cpu for comparison and it averaged about 10%, maxing out at around 20% but this was rare. Scrolling the torrent list remained sluggish with both settings. http://www.mediafire.com/?ed35mi0m94bjdw5 Cheers!
  11. I agree, Created By would make more sense where Hash is, and then Hash and Comment could just fill the next two lines in their current order. Here I disagree with you, it's not as though whatever's highest on the Peers tab dictates priority; µTorrent is going to do what µTorrent is going to do. I think it makes more sense to have the peers µTorrent is active with at the top, and the best way to do that is to sort by Downloaded with secondary sort by Uploaded. Devs: Yes! Or my response post . And please do respond to 420's other notes: Tray icon is messed up still. With Minimize/Close/Always Show tray options disabled (I use Windows 7) the tray icon still shows up whenever µTorrent starts, or when Preferences have been opened, but as soon as it is minimized for the first time, or Preferences are closed, then the icon disappears (once you mouse-over it..). I just ended up enabling Always Show because at least that way it's consistent. There is some oddness with the AV icon as well.. when I enable it in Advanced gui options it shows up for a second and then disappears, realigning the network icon to the corner. I think this is where you'd like it? It honestly doesn't bother me though, I kind of like having the second vertical rule there to separate it from the corner grip chrome.
  12. 2. It has been the case of column resets on upgrade to every version that involves a column change (added/removed/reordered columns, etc.), so roughly every major version; I have never downgraded. As far as I know this has been the case since I started using µTorrent and I've seen it reported by more than a few people over the years. Usually it only affects the areas where the columns were altered. This time (2.2.1 -> 3.0 RC) it reset all of my columns in every tab/pane. 4. I get the verification aspect of the rating/comments, it makes it universal and not just limited to specific torrent sites. Maybe with time I'll come to use it but for now, I just want to slim my copy of µTorrent down to what I know and like. I understand time constraints for releases, naturally, so thank you for considering work on this in a future update. 6. Ah great, they all seem to be 2.x skins though, so they mess up the down arrow to hide the tab area (among other things), which is why I was wondering if it was being updated for 3.x. Will we be getting an updated 2.0.4 skin? 9. Secondary sort by Uploaded keeps things looking neat on Seeding torrents as well. 10. Anything I can do to help track it down, let me know. I notice that net.low_cpu still works despite the high CPU problems so it keeps things usable for the present (though I never had to use low_cpu previously and scrolling the torrents list is still slow). Thanks so much AdamK for taking the time to respond to my lengthy post, and I appreciate your reassurances. I continue to look forward to new releases from you and the team in the future.
  13. Just wanted to add to my previous ideas (yet to see a response..) that for the Info tab, best for space would be to put Hash on the same line as Created On, leave Comment with its own line, and then Added On and Completed On should share the 5th line. Thanks.
  14. Alrighty, so after trying out 3.0 for the first time today I'm a little distraught.. A few items: 1. First and foremost: I dug through all the advanced options and could not find a way to get rid of the enormous green down arrow when Category List is closed. PLEASE allow users to remove this as it takes up valuable screen real estate for those of us who don't want to use any of the flashy new features. 2. Columns got messed up, again? Come on guys... there simply MUST be a way to make columns backwards compatible in the settings file... I'm very tired of redoing my columns back to the way I like them every 6 months or so (for the last 6 years). 3. Back on the topic of screen real estate, Added On/Completed in Info tab should be beside one another, much like Peices is in a separate column, to use the space much more efficiently. I also noticed Completed On shows 12/31/1969 9:00:00 PM until a torrent actually finishes? "N/A" would probably suffice 4. If ratings/comments are disabled, the dialog when removing a torrent shouldn't show up full of ratings/comments related stuff. I don't want to hide the dialog completely because I like having the failsafe of it asking me if I'm sure, but it shouldn't be asking me to rate something after I spent the time to go through all the options to disable them. 5. Since you reordered all the tabs, would it not also be fair to give us a way to reorder them ourselves? I preferred them the way they were. 6. I notice the skins app is missing, hopefully this is due to it being updated for 3.0? Will we be getting an updated 2.0.4 skin again this time around? I, for one, and I'm sure many others would appreciate it greatly. 7. Could gui.color_progress_bars please apply to the Info tab and maybe Pieces as well? It doesn't make sense to revert to the basic blue/etc. in one area but not these others. 8. The search engine toolbar icon area still shows when the search engine list is empty (this is a reversion from old behavior), and, as schnurlos mentioned, tooltips for them are missing as well. 9. Sort by IP in Peers by default doesn't make much sense. I'd like to suggest it should be sorted by Downloaded and then secondary sorted by Uploaded so that all the most active peers remain at the top of the list. 10. Lastly, and this is a biggy, I'm seeing CPU usage at around 50-70% on my old box here. It's slow to scroll in the torrent list even. This was never the case with 2.x and hopefully can be resolved.. Anyway, if the CPU thing and the screen real estate issues (big down arrow) aren't to be fixed, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about µTorrent.. I've been a user since discovering it in 2005. Rufus had proven a bit more CPU/Memory intensive (Python! ) than I liked and µTorrent was the perfect solution: similarly visually designed but with that crazy small footprint from all Ludde's hard work.. I really hope you guys can wrangle this release into shape in keeping with Ludde's vision of small footprint/ultimate customizability for the advanced user, while continuing your own advancements to make BitTorrent more accessible to the masses.
  15. And we got it.. but it's in 3.0 :/: -- 2011-02-23: Version 3.0 (build 24823) - Feature: make the content offer in the installer dynamic (no more re-builds for updating content offer)
  16. osm0sis

    µTorrent WebUI

    So what's the future of this WebUI Ultima? Will you continue to maintain it with µTorrent Web and all in the works? I hope you do, it looks like I want it to and has always worked great.
  17. Looking at the changelog, only the promo has changed.
  18. If you're using the uTorrent search from the toolbar and ads bother you, go ahead and set gui.bypass_search_redirect to 1 in Advanced. This has been an option since before BitTorrent took over development.
  19. Really it shouldn't handle it at all. ipfilter in reality adds no security to your torrenting experience.
  20. w000t, I've never seen that link before on my setup and I've been using uTorrent for years.. Try gui.bypass_search_redirect in Advanced.. or emptying out the Search Engines list under UI Extras (makes the search box go away). Any change?
  21. You really shouldn't be making examples with illegal software guys...
  22. True, I should have been more explicit about procedure. Always backup settings and torrents first. Then delete the settings.dat file. If you have many torrents, you can always readd them back in 1 go using the Add Torrents From Directory function.
  23. Rubberkitty, clear your settings and i think it'll work better. old settings and files sometimes get things messed up with the new versions.
  24. Agreed. I think the submenu is needed for granulated priorities, but not for the default 3.