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  1. Hmm well I don't believe I'm seeing the process bug anymore.. I'll have to go hunting for an overnight torrent to make sure though. For me it only ever kicked in after an extended period of time.. not 2 minutes like others were reporting in that thread. Testing it out now.. I'll report back in 24h or so when it finishes. I'm seeing some IPv6 addresses so assumably that should trigger it if anything will. Edit: Seems to be fixed! uTorrent closed immediately and the process is no longer in memory.
  2. I have absolutely no use for the tray icon because I use the Windows 7 taskbar. Let me turn it off please? Also it'd be nice if you brought some of the functionality from the tray icon menu over to the Jumplist.
  3. Most likely torrent-related like rafi said. Go to the Files tab for the torrent in question, right click the columns, add First Peice and then sort by that, lowest to highest. See if the files you don't have selected border on ones that change to .ut when rechecked.
  4. Hopefully maindoc.ico (and maybe a desktop.ico for the Start Menu Shortcut?) are still being considered for inclusion with the .btskin spec too It'd be nice to be able to theme the whole thing in one go with the .btskin.
  5. Question, did the fix for IPv6 make it into SP1 in the end?
  6. Looks like I picked a good time to jump on the beta, all is well on Windows 32bit with the latest build.
  7. Instead of endlessly debating this pointlessly, how about we suggest a compromise of sorts?: Seems like all that needs to be done is detect whether someone's already using a low port and warninng them/give the choice to either change it higher or disable the blocking. That would avoid 'crippling' them unintentionally/unnecessarily.
  8. Exactly Zarggg.. uTorrent is and has always been extremely customizable. A little investigation reveals that everything new/undesirable can be avoided (browser bars, etc), disabled (apps, search redirect), or hidden (find pane, and pretty much every other UI element you can imagine). The only thing that I do find kind of vexing - and this is my only real grievance with uTorrent, ever - is the resetting of my columns setup every time they change something there.. surely there must be a future-proof way to implement the columns. Anyway, in summary, people really need to spend a little time exploring and understanding the programs they use..
  9. Dragon you can still do all of that. See the first post, the 2.0.4 btskin will fix the way it looks. The update does frig up all your columns, but you can still put them back the way you like them.
  10. Agreed! Pretty sure they could easily change the way the layout info is stored to avoid this, but no.. ShadowRunner, Theme != Bloat.
  11. ex58: it's only been 3 hours since it's been out. what do you expect? it's standard practice not to roll something out on the autoupdate for a little while to make sure, within a smaller circle, that the build is stable.
  12. 420: Good point, I've done this before as well and it hadn't occurred to me. It definitely did have it's uses! I guess they just need BOTH since they're both handy.
  13. AlienTech: This is not a bug, it's a feature. Actually. That's why you only notice it since you upgraded. It's been long requested that when you change location of existing downloads/files it move them as well to save you the extra steps of moving/renaming it yourself.
  14. Peer tab isn't focused, but yeah, I imagine DHT would add, what, 1 connection for every node? So there's another ~300, and of course the constant connecting out to new peers and incoming connections.. 500 + 300, plus.. 200ish every 2 minutes (before the old ones timeout sounds reasonable) only = 1000. Nothing else is happening on this computer, leaving 700 unaccounted for. One torrent just finished so I removed it to see the effect. 1400 now. So, 300 on 1 torrent. That actually makes for better math in retrospect as 300 x 5 = 1500 + DHT could very well ~= 1700. I must say, though, if a limit of 100 per torrent is set, one would think that should include incoming, as it's number of connections, period. So what would you recommend? Slowing it down by changing the default bt.connect_speed of 7? What would I change it to to make it slower to test?
  15. I'm a little worried about connection count in this new version as well. My router is a Linksys WRT300Nv1 running DD-WRT 15693 (a well reported on/tested, positively reviewed current build) with IP Filter settings tweaked for P2P (4096 max ports, TCP timeout=120, UDP timeout=90). uTorrent is set to a global max connection count of 500, with 100 per torrent, 5 active downloads at a time on my 20mbit/2mbit cable connection. With the full 5 downloading, no other torrents, and Statistics reporting 503 connections, why do I see 1700 open connections in DD-WRT's LAN status? My timeouts should cut down on ghosts. This is a little disconcerting.
  16. Just noticed rechecking seems to take much longer in this version than it did previously.
  17. TorrentDaddy, you don't know what you're talking about. Regardless of how many changes were made or backported it'll have a more recent build number due to the common code base they all share. The build number increases regardless of how many actual changes are made in the 2.2 branch. If they don't announce the changes then it is installer only changes, this has been said MANY times.
  18. sunnytimes: F9 only does something if you have the category list open, you may also resize it.
  19. It's not really important. Also, this thread is about to get unstuck and closed.
  20. zsero: At the same time, btapps are easy to uninstall and it's easy to hide those options (F8 & F9), and it's also easy to go back to the uTorrent 2.0.4 skin if you check out the first post in this thread (no, the Skin app is NOT required)! To quote myself in a previous post: I don't agree with the apps either and obviously they're bloaty, that's why they're not part of the main program (by design) and also why I choose not to use them. They're to give the bloaty extensibility of Vuze/Azureus but only if someone wants it; the best of both (bloath?) worlds. Skinning is more flexible than ever as well, going so far as to allow you to change the colors of the window, backgrounds and text, like with Firefox Personas. You don't like how it looks, change it. You don't like btapps, don't use them. uTorrent is what you make of it.
  21. You have a hoarding problem, get rid of your old torrents, I seriously doubt you're actively seeding 2600 torrents. Works fine for me, I assume you're doing something like zzgabor, loading thousands of torrents, or you're dabbling with the btapps, which are natural memory hogs. On my old-ass Dell Dimension 2400, uTorrent 2.2 runs with between 10-17MB, and 3-12% CPU through normal use. These spike to only 45MB and 20% spikes (though still usually between 8-16%) in CPU with 5 active downloading torrents (@1MB/s down speed total).