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  1. Check out your %AppData%\uTorrent folder and delete any app related stuff, and go set btapps.auto_update_btapps to *false in the Advanced, that's about as "off" the apps can be. Then remove any torrents that are completed (ie. you don't want to seed anymore). That should be a start. Keep testing though, that's how things get fixed in future versions, not by downgrading Edit (so as not to double-post): I'm seeing this display bug now that I didn't see before (because I don't usually have the Find Pane open). At first it is blank, then on mouse-over it shows correctly, then when I move off of it it shows as below.
  2. zmyex: care to explain? CodyPredy: Easy answer: don't use the apps. I've been using uTorrent since around 1.2 and 2.2 still uses around the same amount of memory and CPU for me (~10-17mb, 3-12% CPU) as it did then, and if I watch it in Task Manager I can see it yield memory on a regular basis. I don't agree with the apps either and obviously they're bloaty, that's why they're not part of the main program (by design) and also why I choose not to use them. They're to give the bloaty extensibility of Vuze/Azureus but only if someone wants it; the best of both (bloath?) worlds.
  3. Fantastic! Haven't seen those log notices anymore either. Now.. time to clean house on the skins page
  4. acmodeu: The taskbar icon is controlled by the shortcut in the Start Menu. Change the icon to your custom one there.
  5. Been seeing this in the log at startup for the last few builds: [2010-11-08 22:10:40] Sent WM_SETTINGCHANGE return = 1 What's that all about?
  6. 2.2 will be out soon, so this will all be moot, but it is probably just an installer change; they don't usually do unreported bumps if it's an actual change to the program.
  7. Although not recorded as a hang anymore, I am still seeing the long nonresponsive dialog issue when leaving the Setup Guide, even just opening it and Cancelling.
  8. K-Gergo, guess you're just embarassing yourself left and right.
  9. I didn't get the skin changer app by default, I just dragged the 2.0.4 btskin file from the 1st post into uTorrent and it did everything itself, no btapp required.
  10. @Tokra: I think you could add that port to bt.no_connect_to_services_list in Advanced, and see if that works.
  11. Also prepare to have your columns reset if you have nondefault setups there.. something which should be avoidable but hasn't been implemented.
  12. As an aside, I just want to mention I can't wait for the skins page to get cleaned up and see all those crappy ones disappear when the switch to .btskin packs is made
  13. Definitely seeing the sawtooth upload now in 22732. My limit is 100kB/s and it's bouncing between 80 and 145. Probably present in the last RC too, I just wasn't maxing out my upload limit at the time. AdamK: Thanks! Hopefully a desktop.ico and maindoc.ico can be included in future .btskin files, and could be automatically extracted out for use in the Start Menu shortcut and Windows file associations.
  14. No, it's just the way Windows works. The btskin file affects the program but the Windows shortcut you need to change yourself. I should also mention that the filetype icon (maindoc.ico) remains unaffected by the btskin as well, so if you prefer a different filetype icon than the new default, hunt one down on the Skins page and save it as maindoc.ico in your %AppData%\uTorrent folder. I suppose if uTorrent could make the shortcut in the first place it would make sense for it to change it when the program skin is changed. Devs should consider this behavior, as well as the maindoc exclusion.
  15. Yes it does, it changes the program icons back to the old square ones. Taskbar have to do by changing the icon on your shortcut in the Start Menu, so you could extract the old icon from the .btskin by renaming it to .zip and then point it there. I've had mine as FOOODs icon for ages and don't ever really intend to change - if FOOOD would agree I've always thought it would make an excellent default as well..
  16. hannubys, read the 1st post again. Download the 2.0.4-styled .btskin and drag into uTorrent while open. Voila. Problem solved.
  17. Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion, rafi.
  18. Looks smooth to me and I have all global rate limit options unchecked, for what that's worth. Not seeing that spiking whatsoever with my usual slow-poke torrents, so I grabbed the slackware and oo test torrents and now i'm just seeing disk overloaded issues, soooooo that's just great. Edit: Seems to have cleared up after a couple of hangs.. Gotta say, the number of hangs I'm seeing in the Logger is a bit excessive for something purported to be a release candidate.
  19. Up speed actually seems a bit less sluggish to pick up in 2.2 than in 2.0.4, I'll keep an eye on it though.
  20. Thank goodness for the 2.04 .btskin! Checking or unchecking Use fine grained file priorities while downloading files seems to temporarily hang. Logger confirms. .. I can't believe I had to set up my columns again btw .. I would have thought you worked a way around this by now .. like having variable names within the settings file so it's still parsable by future versions for example, off the top of my head. Otherwise, everything's looking great (now that I disabled all that btapp stuff and hid it )
  21. Download your own icon/skin for it and stop complaining.
  22. All that I'm saying is that the new icons don't thematically belong with the others.
  23. The older ones match the theme elsewhere and are therefore preferrable.
  24. Seyss I understand you're annoyed, as many of us are, but you don't need to repeat yourself 10 times in the same thread. I actually agree with you and it makes ME care less about what you have to say.
  25. Damnit! Reset my columns again..? There's got to be a graceful way to parse the old settings file and bring them forward to newer versions..