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  1. From Malaysia... ISP= TMNET throttle the P2P/Bittorrent traffic in some areas.... Last time my torrent can goes up to 100kbps ...but now...1-20kbps >_< Thanks to 1.5 protocol I can get back at least 50-70kbps...hopefully it stays like that
  2. YAY!!! 1.5 out Before that, I'm still using 1.4 beta...Gonna switch to 1.5 ASAP uTorrent is the best torrent client Thanks a lot!!!
  3. Yeah...this version 1.3 really extremely cool I use private tracker to download...and the speed is...very very fast than previous version ... great work, developer!... well...why don't create an extension for imcomplete download...because I a bit confused which file already downloaded and which not...thanks
  4. Thanks so much for the developer of the uTorrent client.. For the: Small client size, less memory and CPU usage...I'm downloading 2 torrents, yet the memory usage is below 1.5MB and CPU usage is 00% and importantly, fast..either connecting to tracker or finding the seeds/peers cheers!!!