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  1. I feel a little dumb but I finally got it to work. Thanks a lot!! I also figured out that having a dynamic ip address makes it hard for you to access the page because I bridged my modem and my ip address is always different. The cool thing about it is that no one can track me, but the bad thing is that I have to check what my ip address is before I can log on.
  2. When I type in the url and press enter there is a message in the utorrent logger tab that states HTTP:IPXXX.XXX.X.XXX:BLOCKED/GET/gui/
  3. I used http://ipaddresse:port/gui, but when the page loads it says invalid request at the top left of the screen.
  4. I just recently downloaded WebUI and I am in the process of activating the program. I have already installed it and configured utorrent webui settings. I also downloaded no-ip duc since i have a dynamic ip and signed up for it. I attempt to follow the directions from super mario ( but when i get to step 5 and type in, with my user name and everything correctly typed in, it doesn't take me to the login screen. I am currently attempting to do this from my laptop... I'm not sure if my router(which is hooked up to my home computer) is blocking me. thanks for taking your time to read this. help would be greatly appreciated