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  1. Just to tell you that I have downgraded to 1.7.4 because since I've installed 1.7.5 my up/download speed had decreased enormously and I cannot do anything else at Internet at the same time (as my whole bandwith was used by utorrent). Even being compeltelly ignorant about tecnic details I supose this must comme of a bug, because I have checked the firewall and ports are open and no other change has been made in my sentings between one version and another.
  2. Here in Spain the 1.7.1 is also banned in one of the most important private trackers. The reason they say they have to do so is that some other trackers (specially in the U.S) had done the same. The users who have tried to obtain a better explanation had been ignored or insulted. and even banned from the forums to ask I'm so sad to see this things happening
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