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    RONALD: Only really 3 things I had to do to get mine working: 1) Make sure you have in the same folder as settings.dat Default folder is %APPDATA%\uTorrent 2) Make sure you have the right IP and port. If you are inside your home private network, it will be something simple like Where: is your machine's IP Address 12345 is either your uTorrent Port (Found under Preferences \ Connection) OR its the alternate port you picked on the Web UI page 3) Check your Restriction settings Preferences \ Advanced \ Web UI - Restrict Access to..... Make sure that is completely empty or is valid. A Valid range (from x to y) for the ip above would be 192.168.0/24 (which means 192.168.0.*) And of course, as noted in the first few posts in this thread, IE6 no worky. I used FF and once I did the things above, it worked like a charm.