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  1. Sounds like a good challenge! My favorite was and still is utorrent so I hope everything will be OK soon. But I still wonder why they ever came to the conclusion to ban it.
  2. @DreadWingKnight "Re: µTorrent 1.7.2 released: Blame the tracker admins for being bandwagoners, not uTorrent. Not our fault they have their heads in their asses." Well, there must have been a reason why they banned it and why they still do it, isn't it!? There are perhaps still other "good" reasons to ban utorrent?
  3. That´s not an answer on my questions. Can you please clearify what is the true story.
  4. Also here in the Netherlands 1.7.1 is banned at several private trackers. "New story now is that Utorrent has been solled to Bram Cohen (ex p2p guy) who is now working for MPAA. MPAA is working together with Dutch 'Brein'. There are also rootkits and spyware etc included in the new version". What's the truth about the above story?