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    µTorrent WebUI

    It helped. Found a guy with the same problem. Guest account. Fixed. Thanks. I know everyone should read FAQ and/or Manual twice before asking, but no one does. So, maybe its a good idea to prevent such a stupid questions in a future by putting a warning in red like "Limited controls - Guest Login" somewhere in place of missing toolbar when using Guest account? And thanks everybody for such a great tool.
  2. au22ru

    µTorrent WebUI

    Hi. I'm new to the WebUI and I have a problem. Running it with Chrome 8.0, I can see torrents list, but I have no toolbar with buttons, no right-click menu anywhere except column-chooser, no files list at the bottom. WebUI ver. is 0.380 WIP (2010-12-24) and I tried earlier ones too. Google returns not many results and mostly about Opera or FireFox. Any idea where to dig? Thanks Alex Melbourne