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  1. so its not possible to have the stable and alpha installed at the same time? Why is the alpha running when i run the other exe? update: when i delete appdata folder i lose all my do i go back to the stable without losing everything? update update: thank you!
  2. How do i go about uninstalling the alpha? I had the stable version installed (in the normal program files location) , downloaded the alpha (installed in AppData folder), but the alpha loads no matter which exe i open. (alpha loads even when i open the program files utorrent exe) I was hoping i could use both versions at once. So, i uninstalled utorrent from prorgams list in the windows control panel, but the alpha is still in appdata folder, and the program files utorrent folder still exists, but actually only has utorrent.exe in the folder, nothing sub folders, nothing. running that exe brings up the alpha version, as well. Should i just delete the appdata folder?