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    krnic.com|KR wataniya.com|KW OK, those two REALLY aren't on the list. I did, finally, figure out what the problem was - I was unfamiliar with %AppData% meaning Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/utorrent. I assumed it just meant whatever folder the app was in. If that's a common usage, it managed to slip past me until now.
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    chirpan.tv|BG kuzelnet.org|BG skknet.net|BG balchik.net|BG botevgrad.com|BG sofianet.net|BG dreambg.com|BG speednetbg.net|BG cablebg.net|BG pro-lan.net|BG headoff.net|BG ntl.com|UK btcentralplus.com|UK sky.com|UK telia.com|SE cgocable.net|CA I've been keeping a list of countries that I've seen on utorrent, and many of them don't display their flags. Here's a list of some I've seen that didn't have flags: .uy – Uruguay .ve – Venezuela .mv – Maldives .md – Moldova .kw – Kuwait .fo – Faroe Islands .do – Dominican Republic .cy – Cyprus .bh – Bahrain .aw – Aruba .ao – Angola .kr – South Korea .pr – Puerto Rico .tt – Trinidad and Tobago There have been others, but those are the ones I'm sure about. I'm using eng's list and flag bitmap, the current ones, and I'm curious as to how many of those flags should be showing up and aren't. I know some are on the list. Oh, .tv doesn't show up, but they're usually from somewhere else anyway, like the first Bulgarian one I posted. Also, the EU flag should show up for .eu domains, and doesn't. Anyone got a clue about this? I've followed instructions for loading the list, (ctrl+shift+r) how do I tell if it isn't working?