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  1. "Unable to contact update server"

    Even with hosts disabled, I too can not contact update server. So yes it could be offline. But most of the time it's unreliable anyway as more often than not it doesn't detect an update even when there is one(!) The best way to be notified of an update is to follow/subscribe to THIS thread
  2. Not downloading at all, but Tix*** is

    Do any of the Slackware torrents download? http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php
  3. incomplete parts are actually complete

    Some media players (e.g. VLC) can play incomplete files. A lot of movies have a few seconds of blackness even after the credits have finished. If that 1% represented that portion, you wound never know it was "incomplete". That aside: Under the Info tab, does the Downloaded: bar have a visible notch out of it? Although depending on the torrent's Piece size, you might not be able to tell that anything was missing even at 99% completeness.
  4. "Unable to contact update server"

    Update server could be offline, or a host entry could be blocking it.
  5. 3.5.x Beta

    As there's no stable thread... available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E85FFC04CA6D9D855D39F2CC4BB9734A0AD8EA50 No changelog at time of posting.
  6. i can not download Some torrents 100%

    Enable the Avail. column in the top pane. Anything with a value of 1.000 or greater should get you the complete torrent (100%).
  7. Sequential Download

    Try these (hidden) advanced settings: bt.sequential_download bt.sequential_files Note: Hold Shift+F2, then click Preferences icon. Then look in the Advanced section.
  8. Partial Torrents disapear?

    How annoying this must be. I've never heard of a torrent self deleting/removing not only itself, but partial contents also during download. But it does sound like something on your computer is the cause.
  9. Partial Torrents disapear?

    When you say "partial download", does that mean they disappear while the download is still in progress? And are they disappearing from uTorrent's interface, the Directories download locations or both?
  10. Partial Torrents disapear?

    Maybe security software (e.g. anti virus) sees the file as a threat and is removing it. What type of file being removed?
  11. Category List issue. Please help!

    Another place to look is with the size of the font uTorrent is displaying - it looks at least double what the default should be: Why that is the case I don't know. What the Operating System you're using? Can fonts for individual applications be customised? Maybe it's a screen resolution problem?
  12. Category List issue. Please help!

    Does a new settings.dat file help? (Exit uTorrent. Remove both settings.dat & settings.dat.old from the folder they're in to another location, then restart uTorrent).
  13. Can I seed after compressing file

    No. It should do, yes.
  14. WIthout Upload?

    No because that is not how the BitTorrent protocol works. It's not even how the internet works. When torrenting, you can limit your upload (speed) but you will always upload something even if it's only a few (k)bytes. And if you set your upload speed too low, that can impact your download speed.
  15. 3.5.x Beta

    As there's no stable thread... available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CC7F15C6794CFB8E893CC01F524D8E96AB979BBC No changelog at time of posting.