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  1. What have you asked for? And are they available in other clients? I doubt anything will be implemented just because a single *someone* asked for it - I want the Pause button back, but that'll never happen.
  2. Uploading is never complete as it's always in a state of "Seeding". I tested a random torrent with When downloading is complete, trackers continue (i.e. Status>working & "Update In" showing timer countdown). But isn't that because I'm continuing "Seeding"? "scrape ok" only appeared when *I* stopped the torrent.
  3. In uTorrent, is DHT "waiting to login"?
  4. Maybe your settings got corrupted somehow. Exit uTorrent, then try with new settings.dat file (an empty text document renamed settings.dat will do). You will have to set up folders for torrent locations, & other preferences etc. again though. Back-up your current settings.dat & settings.dat.old files first, then remove both from the containing folder. Then create the new settings.dat file as mentioned above. Start uTorrent. Does Create Torrent work now?
  5. I cant see any in the 2nd either...
  6. It looks like it's something to do with IPv4. https://db-ip.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv4
  7. It might help, but the changelogs for (beta)/ (stable) are identical.
  8. Just trouble shooting. It's not the first time that F7 thing suddenly made everything appear again for others with a similar scenario. Hopefully, someone can assist you further...
  9. Righto. I'm using custom toolbar icons - as long as I can remember - so my toolbar shows "red cross" instead of default "bin". Maybe then some setting has been altered that removes your torrents to recycle bin when you click that icon. In that case, do this instead: simply right-click on torrent>remove.
  10. Does your ignorance have no end...? http://ll.www.utorrent.com/intl/en/#comp-tbl
  11. Can you see the Toolbar? That contains the "X" button. Toggle F4 key to show/hide Toolbar: Also, what "trash can" button?
  12. Press F7 (to show sidebar). Click Torrents. Confirming they're showing/not showing?
  13. Not for me. The "X" button only removes it from the list here. The .torrent file remains put in my specified folder location.
  14. freeze

    Not specifically.
  15. freeze

    It's the latest uTorrent stable. Stable link in my signature below. (Feel free to back up your 3.3.1 version and settings etc. before you update in case you want to roll back).