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  1. download speed limited to 600 kbps

    Provide a screen shot of your bandwidth settings (Preferences>Bandwidth). If this has just started happening out of the blue, maybe your Internet Service Provider is the culprit...?
  2. Download Problem

    @mcullet New threads belong over there --->
  3. Sending a large file to someone via uTorrent?

    Create a new torrent with your file. Assuming they have a torrent client also, email either the the .torrent file uTorrent created, or the magnet link (you should be able to get that by right-clicking on the seeding torrent itself and copying the Magnet URI).
  4. Delete job from list after it's been downloaded

    No, it isn't.
  5. Delete job from list after it's been downloaded

    I think ka81 is looking for an automatic option to remove the torrent (once it's completed downloading) which there isn't.
  6. False FixPartFile error

    Is that the AtmosFearFX 20.8 GB torrent (hash starts with 9B2A)? If yes, I see no errors showing on the JACKOLANTERN .ISO or .sfv files either during or after download's completed.
  7. False FixPartFile error

    Is that the AtmosFearFX 20.8 GB torrent (hash starts with 9B2A)?
  8. Auto likes Facebook

    What are you troubleshooting? Or has you account been hacked?
  9. 3.5.x Beta

    As there is no Stable thread: (1.89 MB): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BFF13D6A11B52A0EE966A7E87608CC4E2F3310CE (or 2.71 MB installer via stable links in signature). Stable Changelog: – Fix a bug that could cause the “You’ve just been upgraded” page to display when the user has not updated – Fix a crash – Save Pro/Ad-free license key to “Documents” upon activation to allow for future re-activation =========================================================================================== Beta Nightly: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D701F14F92A41AF140D75D9F60117CA4E2679F54 Note: Beta Nightly updates are no longer available for download.
  10. Crashed & now trying to redownload prev torrents

    Select (i.e. click on) the offending torrent(s), then Right-click (on torrent)>Remove or Remove And>. Hold down ctrl button whilst clicking to select multiple torrents.
  11. Disregard for developers to its customers

    The latest beta now has a feature for saving the licence key for future activation (Edit: although this wont help you until you get your key again).
  12. Download Problem

    Check with your university if the use of BitTorrent software (e.g. uTorrent), or downloading via torrents, is allowed via their proxy. If it is, then In uTorrent go to Preferences>Connection>Proxy Server. Double-check the proxy settings are correct.
  13. 3.5.x Beta

    I was more referring to Virus Total's scanners which you edited out of the quoted sentence. Regardless, if a file is downloaded from a trust worthy company and digitally signed, the most likely result is a false positive.
  14. 3.5.x Beta

    If the file's Digital Signature is intact, then I'd imagine it's a false positive. It's most likely something to do with installer offers within the file. Virus Total's scanner always seem to find a problem with uTorrent.exe - too much "nanny-ing" these days instead of people using their own common sense.
  15. Downloading more than file size

    For Magnet links, you click the "Add Torrent from URL" icon. Details are entered via there.