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  1. 3.5.x Beta available. Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2447D9D4E117A35F2EB6DF7C59A488D0E533E789 No changelog as of yet.
  2. Current VPN Status?

    Some info here: https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-anonymous-review-2017-170304/
  3. 3.5.x Beta

    Nothing happened to it. It's still there.
  4. Consistently crashes

    You'd know all about that...
  5. Update disabled not respected

    This may/may not help: Exit uTorrent. Delete file updates.dat (found in uTorrents application data folder). Launch program. See what happens in the coming days...
  6. Older uTorrent Updates

    Yes, you can delete the unused file(s) and corresponding folder(s). Note: Don't bother deleting the file and folder of the current build (or the build you're running) as they will only get re-created again when uTorrent is launched.
  7. 3.5.x Beta

    As there is no 3.5.x Stable thread: available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A55EACA140D31697F5005C1A0D9ECDD3DA78F9F9
  8. web.utorrent.com legit/official site?

    The is a genuine site: https://web.utorrent.com/ This is a genuine site: http://www.utorrent.com/ Both accessible via Android's Firefox mobile browser with request desktop site checked or un-checked.
  9. Notifications

    Check the following: Tick box: Options>Preferences>UI Settings>Show balloon notifications in tray
  10. Fix drag and drop shortcut to torrents

    It loads the shortcut? Really? I'm surprised as a shortcut isn't a torrent file. Try drag'n'drop with the actual file instead.
  11. Cannot find my finished torrents

    Right-click on any listed torrent>Open Containing Folder. Anything found?
  12. 3.5.x Beta

    As there is no 3.5.x Stable thread: available: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B0D26F17C4E12B85C188330A1C0A246305B471B4 Release notes: – Append “torrent” to the search query (only for default provider) – Fix crash introduced in 44010 – Fix a race (crash) upon receiving metadata
  13. Files Going Direct to Inactive Status.

    So other torrent program(s) are not showing inactive, you mean? Maybe uTorrent is not configured properly to work with the VPN...(?)
  14. Update disabled not respected

    I did tell you about the beta fix 9 days ago on September 7th. I wont ask why it took so long to install and try it...
  15. Update disabled not respected

    That's not the latest version. beta is where the fix is at. It's possible it's also included in beta.