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  1. Instead of installing: Exit uTorrent if it's running, then simply put the downloaded newer version of uTorrent.exe into the installation folder (overwriting the previous version). Then launch uTorrent. PS Previous, older versions of uTorrent are (/should be) stored in the updates folder.
  2. Are the torrent's hashes the same though? If the torrent's hashes are different, then the files within the torrent will not be (classed) the same. So 2 different torrents might look identical, but they're most likely not.
  3. It might not have worked for you. This thread is over 16 months old, and zqslzwzw's problem is most likely resolved by now, via the workaround, anyway...
  4. Options>Preferences>Advanced. In the Filter box, type bt.graceful_shutdown. If it isn't already, try setting the value to True.
  5. magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A3D170D9268C62B649D6CE422CD8B6EDC3FD951C - 2.06 MB (2,166,976 bytes) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ED9CAA5154828DEE269B28BA9932D455C698F959 - 2.31 MB (2,426,560 bytes) or try your luck on the beta link in signature below.
  6. From SMRBs image: DHT: 723 nodes (Updating)
  7. No seeds. No peers. Possibly fake. If you like, private message me the magnet link (right click on the torrent>Copy Magnet URI, then right-click>paste in the message) and I'll test it my end...
  8. The problem must lie elsewhere then. I can disconnect my wifi/put laptop into standby for hours, yet uTorrent resumes downloading when wifi is connected/laptop is woken up.
  9. Provide a screen shot of your bandwidth settings. Also, pieces of other (/unchecked) files being downloaded is how to bittorrent protocol works.
  10. You don't have to look too far for a Mac alternative... https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=utorrent+alternatives https://beebom.com/utorrent-alternatives/
  11. When launching uTorrent (i.e. uTorrent.exe), it looks for a file called settings.dat. If it does not find it, uTorrent goes through the installation process. If it finds settings.dat, the program will simply launch. (After saying that, I run uTorrent in I suppose is what you'd called portable mode. That is I don't use the application data folder. All files are stored in one folder in the Program Files folder).
  12. That's because they're automatically saved in a file called settings.dat (found in uTorrent's data folder). If you're interface changes are being reset, it could indicate settings.dat is corrupt, or that "something" is stopping that file being updated when a change is made. Exit uTorrent. Go into uTorrent's data folder. Locate & back up files settings.dat & settings.dat.old, then remove/delete them both from the folder. In that same folder, create a blank settings.dat file by creating a new text document, and name it settings.dat with .dat being the extension, NOT .txt). Restart uTorrent. You''ll have to customise your preferences, set folder download locations and anything else you had previously customised. Once done, exit then restart uTorrent. Did the settings hold?
  13. These forums are specific to the problems or issues you have with using uTorrent. Finding content to download is down individual users, but start with Google.
  14. Sometimes, it's suggested that disabling AV software doesn't help and to uninstall it completely (which could be a pain, I know). So try creating an exception for uTorrent.exe first in the ESET NOD32 software. The pop-up suggests it is blocking uTorrent somehow. Failing that, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I don't know what the problem could be, just offering some suggestions which obviously aren't helping to solve your problem. Maybe someone else could offer something else to try...