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  1. Hello Mike,

    I am totally new to uTorrent. The absence of any form of User's Manual has flustered me a bit, so I try to find some answers on the web. I am using uTorrent Beta 1.8.8 build 40618 on an iMac witk OS 10.11.6

    Several articles/videos I found referred to an Options menu in uTorrent preferences. I have not been able to locate any "Options" menu in uTorrent preferences. Is there such a menu and where could I find it? It is not under the preferences headings of General, Bandwith, BitTorrent, Directories, Network, Schedyuler, Remote, Paired Devices. Checked them all to no avail.

    Can you help me locate "Options" if this exists in the version of UT I am using? Thanks.

  2. Mike--the drop-down was on TPB--when I clicked on 'Get this torrent' it showed up

    1. mike20021969


      Hmmm... I've not seen drop down menu's on TPB at all (ever).

      Are you on the offical TPB (e.g. https://thepiratebay.gd), or some clone/copy site?

      For me, the GET THIS TORRENT normally points to a magnet link.