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  1. Good bye uTorrent. It was nice while it lasted.
  2. The big advantages I can see are memory allocation and system stability. I regularly download Linux distros and updates via BT using uTorrent and some of those have hundreds, or thousands of files. The big change I noticed was not in the downloading, but in the moving of completed files to new locations; and the ability to continue to trickle-seed many, many dozens of files in the background without effecting overall system stability. A second thing to note; with the more features that uT is adding such as this new (still somewhat confusing) streaming stuff and auto-playback plugins, plus preview extensions, uT will require more and more memory. In time, you could noticeably affect system stability with that alone. I'm not aware of many 2.x Tb plus files out there, yet, but that could be a bonus to some as well. The big thing for many x64 fans is to simply dump x32 and run native applications. Not because programs like uTx32 on their own are an issue, but there are levels of underlying compatibility that can cause instability. The Wikipedia pages on x86-64 and AMD64 have links to "text books" that are freely avalible that cover such issues in details. Their under the further information boxes in the side of the two articles near the bottom quarter of the pages. There are also links from the various windows pages on WP. Give them a look if you're looking for a reason to switch. If you are looking for an excuse to stay put for now.... I'd suggest that unless you are comfortable with breaking stuff and really torturing a program to find bugs and errors; stick with the x32 version till someone finds out what some of the major complaint flaws are. There aren't many release pages in this forum that have over 15 pages AND most of it is bug reports and issues. For now, wait till they figure out what they did wrong; and how to fix it. Oh, as for FireFox. Mozilla has a system in place for it right now. Mozilla appears to have two channels that have x64 releases. The first is the general pre-alpha (they call alpha Aurora) releases termed Nightly. They're here: http://nightly.mozilla.org/ These are what testers would call branch developments. They are developed independently and without much oversight. They tend to work OK more often than not, but any bugs that do pop up are often major, and are not covered by any policy. You're SOL if something goes wrong. The second is the evaluation Versions. These are not directly released to the public. and take some work to dig into the right spots of the sights. There are also outdated versions that are x64 ports. And we'll end this line right there since this is not about FireFox. I sent you a Fox mail from the send email option with more info about FF. Send email to liestc: Subject FireFox Hope that helps and feel free to respond directly through email if you want more help.
  3. If you were asking for a reason for doing so there are many. You will get drastic different answers from different people. I'll state some basics here, for you, and my reason for upgrading (and then downgrading) to UTx64 and let you go from there on your own. OS independent x64 software runs natively on x64 operating systems. For windows; x64 allows for addressing more than 4Gigs of ram, more than 2Tb single volume hard drives. The downside is Windows Vista and 7 drops x16 (16-bit) support on x64. While this may not be of interest to you; keep in mind that 6 of the top 10 most used installers are still 16-bit. That means that if you have x64 Windows you may not be able to install 32-bit programs, since they use 16-bit installers. There are also small, but potentially noticeable differences between Intel's x86-64 and AMD's AMD64. Most specifically is AMD supports forced direct access to CPU cores; and Intel directly abides by mandatory signed code rules. If you want security and a little bubble for your system, Intel is the way to go. If you tend to tinker and take stuff apart (or test betas, alphas, and pre-alpha DV code) stick to AMD. The quickest answer to this question is that x64 software give you better stability, speed, and results on x64 OSs. Despite this, you may or may not notice any change personally. Most generically; you should always chose to use STABLE x64 software on x64 hardware for best performance and results. My developing and coding interests, and frequent testing of beta and alpha programs aside, for uTorrent I went x64 for two reasons more than anything else: First it's x64 (see note above) Second to allow greater memory access, allowing me to run the program full tilt without any regard for RAM or drive space. See image of Taskman below: Uploaded with ImageShack.us With x64 it would wonder into the 6gig range from time to time. No issue in system stability. However it is still Alpha-level buggy. So for now I'll wait till they work some of the kinks out; like the inability for selections in the program to STAY selected. Even I'm not fast enough to keep up.
  4. ISSUE Advanced|gui.piecebar_progress setting to *true removes status indicator in status list. Problem didn't exist in 2x or 1x
  5. You need to uninstall the x86 version, before you install the x64 version. I I just dropped the new file on the old one, to overwrite, and have limited issues beyond what was already a problem in both x32/x64.
  6. Other users (myself included) have the same problem and I don't think he's misinterpreting anything because it says "Your rating" next to the stars in the Ratings tab. Also' date=' I think there should be a way to change/remove your rating.[/quote']I see; I never even noticed the Ratings tab, I was looking at the ratings column on the main screen. And now seeing that there is an issue in there; we DO need a way to UNRATE files.
  7. I'm assuming the deselecting bug user's referring to is actually the SELECTION bug I referred to earlier!? It's REALLY difficult to select and change priority/don't download settings in the 'FILES' tab. It keeps refreshing itself and sometimes you can select things, sometimes you can't. Totally random. I've had NO CPU consumption/speed issues in scrolling the torrents list or the various info tabs using Phenom quad core Phenom II quad Phenom II Hex core chips in Win 7 and through Wine and CrossOver. I have NO apps installed so it may? be an app issue you're seeing? As for the ratings; you're probably misinterpreting OTHER users ratings as being your own. That's the whole reason for having the ratings. So you know what others thought before you download. Personally I don't care what others rated something and I'm going to download what I am going to regardless of what someone else rated; but I've also been honestly rating my removals since the system was enacted.
  8. Not in my case' date=' I can change the priority except that with too many files in a torrent, it will always lost the highlighting when select a file, and failed if U are not fast enough (I mean U really have to be very fast ).[/quote'] I'm not fast enough. I gave up for now and just change files one-by-one MORE bugs: Completed files don't move elsewhere regardless of what settings, labels, appendices or the like are added Screens and tabs refresh WAY to fast to be able to select much of anything. 'Don't Download' is ignored and skipped files still download on completable torrents but skip properly on >1.0 torrents. Memory leak! Can't figure out how to recreate it. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn't. Memory usage can excede 800MB, sometimes falls to under 50. 2.x commonly stayed in the 100-120 range. Not complaining as I'm in no risk of running out of RAM; but should probably be looked into. That's nutz for a 'small lightweight' application: even in x64. Have fun.
  9. CRASH!!! Fresh UPGRADE to the previous x32 install location. After resetting ALL my settings to where I had them before. I clicked on the options --> show categories choice to open the categories bay Then clicked on applications and BOOM, crash. Chose to submit data to developer from error console (not sure if you are setup to receive that or not) and restarted fine. Win 7 x64 fresh install over Vista x64; upgraded from XP x32 Had most recent µT 2.xx beta available by 'check for updates' Installed 3.0a|24767 via direct download and upgraded/overwrote the old /ProgramFiles(x86)/µtorrent/ folder Running AMDx64 quad-core system. With excessive amounts of RAM (7GB in DiM slots and a total of 60GB via PCIe Ram Farm. Triple OS boot, problem ONLY shows up on 7. Could not recreate it in XPx64 or on Linux\WinE First MAJOR problem since early days. Great work. And many thanks for this great leap forward in your application.
  10. Note On 21882: Have updated just now and not sure if it continues; but when moving highly active just-completed torrents the automated 'move to:' command string fails. Specifically When having it checked to move finished torrents to a new directory: AND the torrent has in excess of 1000 peers AND the torrent is seeding (apparently only at high bandwidth >500k-800B/s) the move fails, leaving the files as is in the original download directory Placing an equal-sized blank file called "copy$:" in windows OR "copy" (on Linux running WINE) In the move to directory and the torrent immediately fails in utorrent requiring manual moving and resetting of files/torrent. Something to note.
  11. Rafi: I'm on 2.0.3 B 20193 Nothing solved. Still have runaway bandwidth. Can't figure it out. Only thing I can figure without going to the extent of decompiling the program is that when they changed the settings, they forgot to add a 'then' command somewhere. It's not the end of the world, just something that needs to be debuged at some point in the near future. What would be real nice if 'they' wish to go with this idea would be adding manual control for EVERY supported protocol.
  12. "There is a check box now too." I know that; That's not the issue. NONE of the limits work, regardless of the way it's set. It's just running away now. I'm on a total IP communication line, and uT is killing my television and phone connections now. I have it set to 1meg up and 2 meg down, but it's still spiking at times to well over 5megs up, and I've hit 14meg down. That's fine at 3 am but not when I'm watching, or not watching as the case is now, TV or trying to use our phone service. (win7-U x64) if it helps.
  13. BUG BUG BUG The bandwidth limitation/allocation no longer works!!!!!
  14. @Ultima If it came across as somekind of negative attitude that wasn't the intention. I was just really taken aback by the sudden, and personally unwanted (not to mention undocumented in the "new update available note) shift to the new icons. I could understand if it was implimented in the earliest 2.x alpha, or if it was done in a later 2.x to 3.x build move. But at a 2.xxx to 2.xxx move it wasn't at all expected. It's not even the new icons so much as the total lack of warning, and it IS a rather noticeable change. Utorrent was just the current program that made a "shift" in design. EMC has done all of use a great favour by posting the original icons. End of issue for me. (Thanks, again, BTW) Since skin-ability isn't a primary note on the download page, I didn't even know it WAS skinable until I got to this thread. As a total aside, issue of note: I've been toying with Office 2007 since pre-beta; and with Of2010 currently. The ribbon is the biggest non-technical complaint that gets discussed on the MSDN and partner's forums regarding office 2k7 and now 2010. The "classic menu" 3rd party add-in is the number-one selling (listed #1 by popularity) plug-in for 2k7. So despite the "getting used to it" point, many didn't/won't. It's all a matter of preference, like icons, colours, and anything else. Some like it, some don't.
  15. @Seyss Looks like Apple or Microsoft crap. "Lets make the icons as big and kid-like as we can!". One of the reasons, (no it's not the top) for sticking with uTorrent is it's stuck with itself for so long. I always new what to expect with each new update. That they'd fix issues quickly, and leave the general interface alone. Please, uTorrent, BitTorrent, et al, keep in mind you have one of the MOST STABLE and uniquely consistent layouts in the torrent community. Stop trying to mess it up. Not to leave out the issue raised earlier; what about those with disabilities who grew dependent on YOUR superior software. I'm extremely photo-sensitive (can't stand bright lights) with split cones. I wear prescription tinted sunglasses when using my computer, they're a deep shade of blue and violet. I'll vouch for issues to the colour blind as I can see the difference, or not see as it was, in icon colours through my glasses. Really, you need to consider ALL issues on such major changes. As a side note, skip the ribbon that so many are migrating to. The only reason I can use any of the ribbon bar software (Office 2007/Paint/WordPad) on Windows 7 is because the shortcut key commands still work. I can't see the difference in the icons/tabs through my glasses. Keep in mind that's been a HUGE issue for Microsoft. Infact, it's the ONLY major complaint levelled against Win7/Off07.
  16. New icons/graphics are terrible. Thanks to EMC for posting good quality old, vastly superior ones so I don't need to look at that new junk anymore. Only hope that auto-updating doesn't remove these vastly superior old icon images again.
  17. 17273 and 17341 both appear to partially crash randomly when adding or modifying torrents that are BOTH named with Chinese/Cyrillic characters and containing file information that is in those scripts. Loading Latin based torrents or torrents named in CH/CY with only Latin files work fine. By stating "crash" the program continues to run, down/upload work fine in every way EXCEPT I can no longer right click on anything (doing so results in no activity). BTW: when the crash occurs (easy to recreate) it gives me the option "uTorrent has crashed, send error message to developers?" and of course I said yes.
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