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  1. What’s the issue with it? The issue is that "/PERFORMINSTALL 2" is supposed to only create a shortcut in the start menu. However, this command is ignored completely and creates a shortcut in the desktop as well.
  2. When will the "/PERFORMINSTALL 2" command line be fixed?! I only want to the start menu shortcut but it still sends the shortcut to the desktop and it is annoying.
  3. the /PERFORMINSTALL 2 command line haven't been working since some versions ago. It would be nice if it is fixed.
  4. I see that shutting down gracefully is important for saving cached pieces and prevent data corruption. But i still can replicate slow shutdown even when my torrents has been completely downloaded. Or even when i don't have any torrents at all. And that is without shutting down gracefully too.
  5. Because by default it now tries to close each connection properly. Try: pref.->advanced->bt.graceful_shutdown = false I am assuming you are talking about peer to peer connections that the downloading/uploading torrents are doing. I think it has has happened to be that i don't have any torrents and yet still takes a while to close. I will try it with the new settings and report back. By the way, are there any consequences of closing "ungracefully"? Edit: I just tried it with the settings and i am still getting slow closing problems.
  6. This problem has been lingering around too long. This problem probably started since around 2.2x versions. The program closes way too slow. It takes like 30 seconds for utorrent to close on average. And sometimes utorrent shows as if it is not responding. I mean, it is just closing the program. Why the heck it takes so long? Edit: I would also like to say, that the last 3.3 stable (build 29126) version, the "/PERFORMINSTALL 2" silent install command line switch is not working.
  7. How the heck do i get back to my normal download screen after accidentally clicking "Get uTorrent Plus"?
  8. I don't get it. What is in uTorrent 3.0 that it takes extra seconds to remove a torrent/data into the trash can or closing it and remove it from the task manager? Although uTorrent has kept its size small, the actions seems to be waaaaay slower than 2.0. It is understandable that as a software grows, the speed gets slower and size grows. But the speed difference is way too noticeable. I keep going back to uTorrent 2.0 for the exact same reason.
  9. uTorrent closing problems are back again. The same goes for the "Remove data" and "Remove data+torrent" options. It gets fixed in one build and then it is back in another. I think the problem might be that different developers are using different builds when fixing a particular bug; making some old bugs appearing on newer builds.
  10. I think this might be a bug. In uTorret 2.x versions, when i: -right clicked a torrent -select "Remove And" -"Delete .torrent" or "Delete .torrent + Data" The .torrent file or downloaded files related to the torrent would be moved to the thrash can. But since uTorrent 3.0, these commands do nothing. Also, another bug is when i exit the program. After i exit the program and confirm; the program no longer shows on the "Application" tab of the task manager. However, it still residue on the "Processes" tab of the task manager. And i can't reopen uTorrent until i manually terminate the process myself. The same thing happens to both my laptops. Both systems contain Windows 7 x64 with 4 GB RAM. Different processors though.
  11. Because, it looks better with the capital letter. XD But now i see that the memory usage goes up and down. I am currently downloading two files and the download and upload rate are pretty much kept the same as the average. However, the memory usage sometimes goes as high as 24K and other times as little as 9K.
  12. Shot at 2007-07-29 This is bad. I was so shocked myself. The size of the software does not change but the usage of the memory is the same as a normal software, not yet a bloatware. But if that is the usage of memory, then it doesn't make any difference as using BitComet or other bittorrent clients. Not only that, just like it was mentioned, the speed of the internet was really slowed down in a way that i can feel it - even thought i have already properly configured the upload, download and connection limits to the old utorrent settings. Please, seriously, if utorrent have been bundled with anything malicious, remove it. I mean, i always thought of the rumors to be false and had faith with the uTorrent staff.